Why More People Study Web Dev

Not so far ago the definition of ‘computer literacy’ meant the knowledge and the ability to work with PC software, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. But our world, especially the tech part, is changing so quickly that nowadays more and more specialists are saying that programming and coding are becoming an extremely important skill for a wide range of people to have. So why are more people choosing to study additional topics of web design and web dev?

Programming covers huge areas of knowledge and only a small part of this might be of really usefulness to a common person, the so called ‘non-techies’. There is a popular opinion that knowledge of web dev forms the basis of the ‘new computer literacy’. In the blog post below, you will find some examples of how studying web technologies could be of help to non-techies.

Why knowledge of web technologies is so valuable?

Almost every company has its own website and page in the social networks, so a basic knowledge of web technologies can be useful not only for technical specialists. We shouldn’t forget that many professions have become themselves, much more ‘technical’.

For example, yesterday – a marketing manager would be a valuable asset if they had good copywriting skills and can create creative ad campaigns; today – marketing managers use results of A/B tests and then create email newsletters, landing pages, and so on. In order to become a valuable asset today, you need to know HTML and CSS. And it’s not so easy to create content for social networks without even a basic knowledge of web technologies.

Similar changes can be seen in the areas of media and journalism. More and more publishing houses are moving to online versions and closing their printed ones. This means that now journalists have not only to write good material, but also create a web version of it. Having a knowledge of HTML in this case will help them to understand in what parts of a page there might be unwanted tags so they can be removed.


How else web dev skills could make life easier?

Not always do companies have a the position of a web designer that should help the marketing manager, so in this case the manager will have to do some design work by themselves –for example, create email newsletters with HTML or change the design of a web page. Sometimes they should develop and change different variants of letters and landing pages in order to test the efficiency of each of them and decide which one to use.

Besides all this, the tech companies are currently at the top of the list of best employers and they are providing really attractive working conditions. This is one of the main reasons why ‘non-techies’ are willing to go after with such companies and organizations.

However, in addition to well-designed offices, medical insurance, social packages and recreation rooms, IT companies have a lot of ‘techies’ whose skills and mind could differ from other typical workers. You need to be able to talk same language as them in order to feel comfortable. And also ‘techies’ really value their time and don’t like to spend it on what they feel are stupid questions and simple tasks.

What to decide finally?

The increasing trend of learning web development is obvious, so more and more people are beginning their IT career with HTML and CSS. One of the main advantages of learning web dev is that it could be your first step towards learning other coding languages. Not everyone can become a senior developer, but understanding the main principles of the Internet and web development in this age of technologies will help you a lot in any tech area you choose.