Why Do Developers Need Side Projects?

Well, from time to time everybody is looking for a answer how to deal with side projects. And with no idea how to handle with them, usually people give up on their side projects. It’s such a common situation when you’re working with colleagues and this is your core work, but apart from that, you’re spending too much time on anything. You’re working on your side project for one year, your idea is really brilliant, you even don’t have time for a social life, your day consists of real overkill of meetings, but there’s still no benefit… The first impulse is to drop everything and to take a vacation, but wait…

What if side projects can be useful for you?

What is a Side Project?

First of all, I want to explain what does a side project mean.

Side project can be a software app, a music band, a workshop, a podcast, a blog, a handwritten newsletter – anything that doesn’t form a part of your day job and is for the world to see and use. It is something, you’re spending your evenings and weekends working on. And it’s obviously related to a topic that you are keen on.

So why are Side Projects amazing?


You learn to focus

If you are switching to a new project on the instant you run slap into a barrier on your current one, you’ll hardly ever reach success. A habit of working on more than one thing at the same time leads to tones of uncompleted projects.

You need to kill the project or to shape it up, before you can think about adding any new one.

You learn to work permanently

It’s a well-known fact that for getting some results, you should usually spend a lot of time, and there will be many highs and lows. Nothing comes in a moment. However, many people want to have instant outcomes, leaving behind an idea that the path to creating something needs exactly the opposite approach.

You will have to be up to the challenge and do the work regularly, regardless of your feeling this or that day. If you don’t do so, your project is likely to come to the end without even being started. Do not waste time and energy that you could have spent with family and friends.

While motivation can get you started, habit will keep you going.

Newton's Cradle with red ball

You learn to take action

Even if you have the best idea ever, you’re sure that everyone will love it and you’re the first to implement it.. well.. you should remember there’s no perfect ideas.  Ideas are worth nothing unless executed.

Your success, while tied to your idea, depends much more upon how you execute it. Nothing is set in the stone. If there’s no action – there’s no result.

You learn to be more empathetic

Once you have probably almost felt asleep while visiting a conference presentation because a speaker was a newcomer in that sphere and all the information was boring? Or you have read a blog post that seemed tedious. Or perhaps you’ve wondered what it is that your project manager does at your job, since you are the one who does all the work. You might have much more reasons for indignation when working on your day work only.

But your attitude to these matters might change once you have to do these things yourself as part of your side project.

So go ahead, create something, and share it with us. We need it, and so do you.