Where to Start if You Decided to Learn Web Coding

Learning to code is one of the most powerful things you can ever do. No matter why you want to learn and what programming language to choose, the only thing that really matters is curiosity. One of the most amazing things about learning to code is that you can get access to any resource that you might want to get started. But if you don’t know what exactly to begin with, then check our blog post with numerous coding websites and development resources.

So you have an idea about  different types of coding but still don’t know which one to choose for writing an actual code. We should recommend you to start with HTML & CSS as both of them are relatively straightforward concepts to be learned. Things can become more complicated after you begin learning some dynamic programming language.

Beginning Web Development Resources:


We have already talked several times how popular JavaScript is among web developers all over the world in general and among Ukrainian developers particularly. That’s because JavaScript is the language that can be interpreted by all modern web browsers. JavaScript is a powerful basic language but now there are libraries and frameworks that are built on top of it. jQuery is the easiest JavaScript library to get familiar with.


The demand and popularity for Ruby has increased dramatically through its growing community and the large amount of open-source resources to be incorporated into its framework.


Rails is a great Ruby framework for building full-stack applications. Once you understand its main components, you will be amazed  how fast you can build and release your own applications. Ruby on Rails is the heart of such sites like Twitter, Groupon, Bloomberg, Soundcloud, Airbnb, Hulu, Slideshare and others.


This is a language that simplifies the process of working with database as it’s fairly straightforward. If you have learnt Rails, then you don’t necessarily need to learn this language because Rails comes with ActiveRecord that simplifies the database queries for you.

Other Useful Tools

There are other tools that you may want to have in your web development toolbox. A code editor or IDE (integrated development environment) can make your development life easier. They allow you to search for files in large projects.

  • CodeSchool – Discover DevTools;
  • CodeSchool – Try Git (is used for collaboration with other developers);
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) – comes installed in every Mac;
  • Sublime Text and Atom – are great text editors for code and markup.


Algorithm is a function or method that takes an input, does something with it and returns a new output. Algorithms improve your coding skills and also exercise your brain with creative logic.


There are numerous bootcamp programs that can help you to get the right skills in order to apply for a certain job or a project. Such bootcamps can give an opportunity to feel like a part of a community, or to be a part of a group of highly-motivated people who have the same goals.

  • AppAcademy –a great thing is that you will pay to AppAcademy only if you find a job as a developer after using the program. AppAcademy takes 18% of your first year’s salary;
  • TreeHouse;
  • CodePath;
  • DevBootCamp.

Resources for Kids

Many parents have the same desire for their children to learn coding but they don’t know how to help their kids to learn computer programming at young age. Just you have to realize that most kids don’t have any analytical skills till the age 11-13, so don’t expect great results before this age.

Other Educational Resources

Ukrainian Educational Resources: