When Is Too Late to Start Programming?

What factors should you consider when deciding if you are too old to start to learn programming? Is it true that Google, Facebook, and Apple employ only those ones who have started coding in primary school or even while in kindergarten? How old is too old to start an IT career?

The geeks from Google and other IT corporations, professors, and psychologists have shared their opinions on Quora, answering to a 14-years old teen about the paths of successful developers. Do you want to know what they have answered? Then check the blog post below.

Today kids can start to learn programming from early childhood. Try googling “coding for kids” and you will find numerous tips and training apps that can teach kids the basics of programming using games, songs, interactive tasks, and so on. Some of these apps are developed for children ages 3 to 5 years. The IT industry is getting younger with every year, and it is beginning to seem like there is no sense in learning programming if you’re already in middle school. However, IT professionals say that it’s not late to learn programming if you’re 14, or 25 or even 40 years old.

The fact that more and more kids are taught programming in primary school, does not reduce your chances for a successful IT career.

To the same point – not everyone who becomes a writer has learned English literature at school. Similarly, it doesn’t mean that a kid will eventually become a coding genius if he attends coding lessons or popular online courses from an early age. Such courses provide just the basic knowledge of coding which helps to surf in the world of technologies and to understand the structure of gadgets.

Programming skills are not related to age.

The main skills that you need when learning programming is abstract logical reasoning and critical thinking. Intuition, imagination and ingenuity also would be helpful, but logical reasoning is obligatory. This kind of thinking does not necessarily need to be innate, but if you don’t have experience in logical reasoning then you will need to spend a lot of time to get used to it. Many developers begin to code in adulthood, and logical reasoning skills gained during everyday life are really helpful.

People improve train of thought through games.

The more scenarios a game contains, the more it helps to improve abstract thinking. It is no wonder why developers like LEGO’s so much: the elements can be used for a number of combinations; all you need is to analyze each step and to predict the result. Without doubt, math helps to develop abstract thinking skills. So coding can be easier for those one who had good grades in math in High School.

Gaining any skill is totally individual.

The period needed for studying and gaining any skill is different for every person. Some Google employees avow that they didn’t see any code before they were 19 or even 25 years old. But if you’re really interested in any skill, then you can gain the needed knowledge over a short period of time. Furthermore, many developers from top companies admit that they don’t know all of the programming languages.

Coding courses for kids and students provide only the elementary tasks.

Any adult, who really wants to learn programming, can complete all these elementary tasks over a couple of weeks. But this is not enough for becoming a developer. You can break the language barriers with such tasks. But further learning must be continued personally depending on the selected area and language.

As some people on Quora are saying: “That’s never too late to study if you still have something that interests you”.

Also, you can check-out the attractive infographic about successful entrepreneurs and the age when they founded their companies. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook at 19, but Charles Flint founded IBM at 61. So it’s never too late to study and to start a new article of your book.