What to Learn Next? Salesforce!

Did you know that about 60% of people are thinking over changing their career every year.  If you ask your colleagues right now, 35% of them will be ready for cardinal changes in career. In general, people change their careers from 7 up to 15 times! Not jobs, careers! So it comes as no surprise, that a senior developer will have myriads of jobs throughout his career. And with every job change, you get a chance to improve various skills.

IT-world – and mainly developing – requires permanent learning and improvement. So, yes, it’s essential for developers to be able to learn while on the job. However, you should choose what to learn next.

Why Should You Always Improve Yourself?

Well, you never know where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing in 5 or 3 or even 1 year. Surely, you might have planned all your life right up to the quantity of grandkids, but life is life. As the world has moved on, all you should do is to be flexible and adaptable. And be ready to learn new things.

The question is that picking something to learn out is not an easy thing to do.

The main fear is that you’ll make a wrong choice and just waste your time. Or probably you’ll learn a skill that will become useless shortly after you get the feel of it.

Or maybe you’re scared to try learning new things because they just seem to be too complicated?

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed By Your Choice

The truth is that there is no wrong choice.

Everything you learn is a new experience; it’s a possibility to improve your skills or to get new ones. There is no good or bad, there is only progress. You become better, smarter, and that’s the main point.

If you want to find new opportunities in software development, Salesforce is waiting for you!

Softheme and Sofhteme School offer you an awesome chance to change not only your career, but your future as well! Learn Salesforce with our skillful colleagues and enjoy your way!

Why should you choose Salesforce right now?

Today, there’s a CRM system for almost every part of the workforce, from engineering to the food industry. Salesforce continues to grow actively, increasing a number of clients every single day. Thereafter, the world of industry requires more and more salesforce developers.

Nowadays, IT-market in Ukraine is looking for people who are in the know what Salesforce development is. Companies are ready to pay considerable sum of money to find such a specialist. And current situation won’t change neither tomorrow, nor in a year.

Why to choose Softheme and Shkola 1010?

If you choose Salesforce course from Softheme School, you’ll get:

  • free course
  • possibility to get a Junior position
  • study in small groups
  • modern techniques and training programs
  • talented speakers
  • free lunches 🙂

Don’t be afraid to move towards your goals! Life is a motion! Just do it and you’ll notice that the world is giving you great chances to get all you want to have. And Softheme will help you in that.