What Personal Skills a Developer Should Have

We’ve already made several blog posts about the trends for software developers – what new programming languages to learn, what online courses to attend, and what tech trends to follow in 2016. Today we’d like to talk about the personal skills that every software and web developer should have in order to achieve better results inside and outside the team.

Sociability/Communication Skills

Effective communication could make a great difference between an average software developer and highly-productive programmer. Programming isn’t just about communication with servers, protocols, and clients. Good communication is really important for any successful team.

Some everyday communication tasks that you may have while working as a developer are:

  • Share bugs and fixes with other team members;
  • Reporting your project progress in some management systems like Jira;
  • Have the ability to listen and respond quickly;
  • Communicate on tech issues in a way understandable by non-tech team members;
  • Fluent English. Knowledge of more than one foreign language is always a plus;
  • Being able to discuss problems, then looking for solutions with other team members;
  • Providing strong arguments along with your proposed tech solutions;
  • Being willing to communicate with other developers on forums, blogs, conferences and IT events.


Tech world is changing too fast. That’s why we’re posting the lists of tech trends and programming languages to learn so often, so make sure our developers can be in trend.

The old saying “Curiosity killed a cat” isn’t about developers. Curiosity is a strong skill for new challenges and self-development. Experimenting and testing help you to join the dots and discover new solutions.

You can get valuable experience while testing your ideas. Ask questions, learn a new programming language, build something new, and develop today what you did yesterday. Just forge ahead and don’t be afraid to try. Anyway you won’t lose because you learn something new.

Your users can make your app or software more successful. Ask them what they need, solve their issues, why previous solutions did not work. Just be curious about the weaknesses in your code.


It’s difficult to achieve  a goal if you don’t have a plan. Without a plan, a small project may become a hard-to-manage one.

Being a good strategist means that you can notice pitfalls before you fall into coding. A good strategist can quickly react to most issues and deploy fast solutions while realizing that  the issues are temporary. Later he’ll come back to these issues and analyze why they have occurred.

Lifelong Learning

Software and web development career isn’t a right choice for lazy people. If you’re thinking about a well-paid job without much efforts and constant learning, then don’t do this. As Steve Jobs said – “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

New trends, programming languages, frameworks and methodologies are consistently appearing. You don’t need to learn everything but you should make efforts to learn something new all the time. Neither every client, nor project manager will need a website or app in the technology that you have already learned and have been using for a long time.

With time, some frameworks and languages, that are new today, may become popular and you can get paid better for knowing these languages, frameworks and libraries that are in demand.

Business Mindedness

It’s easy to forget about the main goal of an app or software release when you’re staring at lines of a code all the day long. But always remember about business goals of a project. You can be more useful and remarkable to a client or project by being more proactive and giving them more than they expect.

And don’t neglect your private interests, hobbies, and previous experience. It may matter for a future project.


What do you think about these skills? Should we add anything to the list?