Virtual Reality Content – How to Create It?

The thing we were dreaming, reading and watching sci-fi films about some time ago is our reality today. And so is Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality means experiencing things through our computers that don’t really exist. What do you need to perceive it? Try a stereoscopic Head Mounted Display (HMD). Today one of the most popular HMD on the market is Oculus Rift. However, this is not the only device that helps you discover new virtual worlds. You can try as well Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive/SteamVR, Sony PlayStation VR and other VR platforms. They are all good to put you somewhere else through the power of technology. By the way, you may watch virtual videos on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


Where can VR be used?

1. Real estate

Real estate companies use VR in a purpose to create VR tours in 3D as a new way of showing real estate properties to their clients. It helps to satisfy client’s interest and to sell properties much faster. It works because people can have a look of inside of a house as well as surroundings without visiting it. And what is better for a client than saving his precious time?

By the way, 3D tours are used not only in real estate business, but also in restaurants, pools and shops 🙂 You can use your smartphone and visit any place you want without even moving towards it.

2. Travel industry

Travelling agencies can implement VR in their business so clients might go on VR tours of some of the biggest cities around the world. Imagine! You might even check out the most stunning beauty sights! You also have a chance to schedule your future vacation, and define the sightseeing in advance. All you need for this is your smartphone and a VR headset!

3. Education

If teachers and professors are still looking for some efficient tools to make students absorb and catch teaching material better, the best way is to give them an opportunity to experience it rather then just reading about it. That’s the main reason students are keen on field trips at many schools and colleges. To save time, and usually money, even more – to be sure that all the students are safe – all that teachers need to do is use virtual reality to go on field trips right from the classroom. Probably, it cannot be as amusing as a day at the zoo or planetarium, but it might certainly be used more frequently. Just think about a great VR educational experience for elementary school students: about the body’s circulatory system! Imagine 360 degree maps students can use during their Geography classes or 3D animation during Biology lectures!


How to create VR content?

In fact, VR technology is still developing, and if you want to pitch in and create any awesome app that will win the world in a couple of years, read more and find out how you can get started.

Actually, there are two ways of creating content for your virtual reality app:

  • Taking a 360-degree videos
  • Making a 3D animation

Taking a 360-degree video

This feature for creating VR content is, obviously, the most convenient and the cheapest solution, as all you need to do that is camera and possible editing costs. 360-degree videos fit when you want to capture a video footage of an event from the real world. This could be a concert, a ceremony, a festival, a conference, a lecture or anything you can visit.

To shoot 360-degree video, you need a 360-degree spherical camera. Remember the fact, that the most essential thing is to make sure that you can capture the highest possible quality of video. That’s what clients need.

When filming, it is important to maintain the camera in a still position to prevent motion sickness feeling for the user.

If you are eager to show something that you can’t capture in the real world, 3D animation will help you.


3D animation for VR

3D animations give viewers possibility not only to stay all the time at the same place, but to click on buttons that can move them around within the virtual world – in the best Google street view style. You can also lean forward and get a closer look at things just as they would in real life.

How to get 3D image easily? The best way is using Structure Sensor. It is a camera you can set to any tablet. It works as a 3D scanner that captures anything in the real world, and creates 3D models of it. It can be nature, elements of furniture, room, any other stuff and even people.

Anyway, you don’t really have to do all the hard work yourself. You can find companies out there who are ready to create such content for you.  In this case, be ready to pay high, such pleasure is not for free.