Unexpected Majors that Can Move You into Tech

Have you always known that you would work in the IT world? Was it your plan since high school? Pretty sure, there are lots of IT guys who would answer NO to these questions, as it’s not so easy to have a plan that covers the next 5 or 10 years with our world being so quick changing and innovative.

There are some majors that can be a great background before your start in development or testing activities. Check what majors can bring you into tech world and make you successful.

Here are some main majors that will prepare you for the tech sector.



This is one of the most important parts in app development. What can bring you success in the Apple App Store and make you stand out in the store’s 39,000 ranking lists among the other 954K apps? Right, a good marketing and promotion plan. It can be really hard to promote an app and reach its interested customers in such a crowded market. A creative marketing campaign with tech details can help you to achieve your goals.

Graphic Design


If you don’t know how to create some code you can help the team to focus on the visual communication in its simplest form. Graphic designers combine artistic and technical skills to create meaningful and creative designs of a new app, website, software interfaces, or devices. Graphic designers can use a variety of print, electronic and photographic technologies to make technology look as good as it functions.

Statistics or Data Science


A higher degree in statistics or data science can give you the availability to track how big an impact an app is making and also gives you the skills to find trends and consumer needs that existing apps don’t address.


Keeping track of the company finances traditionally has been a boring and time-consuming process. Before any business Starts to bring in income, it’s important to have a person who can organize and manage its financial plans and budgets. Research shows that if you specifically allocate money toward a specific goal or purpose, you are more likely to consistently save money to reach that goal.

Industrial Design


Industrial design includes ideation, scenario-building, concept selection, refinement, detailing to model-making, prototyping, testing, refining, and production of a product that meets both the functional and aesthetic needs of its consumers. The main idea and goal – looks good, works better.

Business management


Every process should be managed. Developing a product is only a first step on the way to creating a profitable company. Learning the ins and outs of how to manage a business can happen through experience, but it can be a steep learning curve. A key part of managing others is having the ability to relate to them and understand their needs. IT leaders can and should step out of their comfort zones and into business management roles.