Ukrainian Schoolchildren Want to Study Programming

It is summer time. Most students are passing their last exams or have already finished the school year. The next thing waiting for them is the summer holidays which will last for more than two months. Many parents are asking themselves the questions of what would be a great idea for their kids to do this summer and what would bring them both pleasure and benefits at the same time? Ukrainian kids have the answer. It’s programming. 80% of Ukrainian schoolchildren would strongly like to study programming or are already to start studying it according to a survey of the association “IT Ukraine”.

The total number of respondents is more than 1,000 students, aged 12-14, throughout Ukraine.

More than 60% of Ukrainian schoolchildren would strongly like to study programming, while another 18.5% said that they have already study it outside of school. 12.7% of schoolchildren have answered that programming is interesting to them, while 4.2% want to lean some basic knowledge about software development. According to the survey, only 5% have answered that they are not interesting in programming and software/web development.

But having access to a computer seems to be the main problem standing in the way of the process of studying programming, the survey showed the following results: 55.6% of all respondents have a personal home computer, while only about 41.6% have a home computer that they may use for programming and/or their personal needs.


Right now the structure of courses in Ukrainian’s schools is far from meeting the needs of students that are eager to study more about web and software development, as a vast number of schools hours are being dedicated to skills that the students tend to already learn on their own. For example, 78 hours are set aside to learn how to create and to work with text documents, numeric data, multimedia presentations and graphic images, a figure that makes-upone-third of the entire program in computer science in grades from 5 to 9, while 33 hours are set aside for programming.

State institutions are discussing actively the changes to the curriculum with regards in increasing the teaching of programming. As a result, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved a “Plan of action to support the software industry for 2015” which provides an increase in programming instruction in schools. The same proposition was sent to the Ministry of Science by the Committee for Science and Education of Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament). So the Ukrainian schools should help to increase even more the country’s competitiveness in the world of high technologies in the near future with well-educated schoolchildren and students.