Ukrainian IT Guys on Vacation

It’s not so easy to think about something else rather than a vacation when it’s so hot outside. Sometimes you can’t have a great vacation without thinking of your working place. The average Ukrainian IT guy always takes a laptop on vacation. Nevertheless only 12% of all employed IT specialists really need to take care of work related tasks during their vacation, according to a review done by the HR agency At the same time, 83% of bank workers perform work related tasks during their holidays.

Certified IT specialists more often work remotely during a vacation to resolve urgent tasks. The number of such working situations is up to 75%. As a result, the main key when choosing a hotel is a free and fast Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes the specialists even require the hotel to send confirmation of such a connection before booking a room in the hotel.

Only 3% of office workers say that they have total freedom during a vacation as they don’t need to be in touch with the office. 4% among them are technical specialists. In other cases the lack of a quick response can result in bad news after returning from a vacation.

Executives are more demanding to themselves during the vacations. 41% of executives call to the office during a trip, 29% sends different requests to the corporate email, and even 6% suddenly visit the office. Only 27% can fully relax during a holiday without calling and mailing each other.