Ukrainian High School Students are in the Top 20 Team in Robotics

Last month a Ukrainian team in Robotics participated in the “First Global” competition. First Global is a yearly international “olympics”-style robotics challenge where one team from every nation is invited to participate. This year the challenge took place in Washington DC, US. The total number of international teams was 163. The Ukrainian team took 19th place.

This year’s robotic challenge reflected to the global problem of clean water. Every team received the same set of robot kit. The main idea of the challenge was to accomplish engineering tasks such as storing drinkable water, filtering collected water, and procuring new sources of water. Robots, designed by the team, should help the members with their goals. Also the students had to write code for the robots.

The Ukrainian team decided to build an agricultural harvester. Their robot could distinguish blue balls from orange ones and sort them, simulating the process of purifying water. It took three months to build a fully-functioning robot.

The members of the Ukrainian team are Igor Zhukovskyi and Mykhailo Koreshkov, both are students of the Kyiv Polytechnic Lyceum. Inga Manzhulenko is a graduate of the Kyiv Polytechnic Lyceum, and Nadia Vladykina is team’s mentor.

During the presentation of their results, the Ukrainian team took part in 6 games and took 19th place among 163 teams. This result is ahead of such countries as the US, France, Japan, Russia and almost 140 others. But according to organizers, the main goal of the event is not competition.

Check the video from the event by “Voice of America”: