Ukraine – 4th Place Worldwide in the Number of Certified IT Professionals [Infographic]

Ukraine is back in the top five worldwide countries with the largest number of certified IT professionals according to a report by the Association “IT Ukraine”. Ukraine is in 4th place after the US, India, and Russia.

The number of the registered IT companies in Ukraine is now 15,676. According to this, the total number of certified IT professionals is about 25 thousand people, but the total number of people involved in the field of Ukrainian information technologies is ranging from 200 to 215 thousand people. Ukrainian’s universities, every year, are preparing almost 15 thousand specialists. The estimated number of Ukrainian IT specialists is expected to increase up to about 350 thousand people by 2015. IT companies in Ukraine are kind of a brand name to American and European companies.

According to the report, Ukraine is showing the most dynamic growth in the IT industry among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Check-out the infographic below with some statistics on the Ukrainian IT industry in the first quarter of 2014.



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