Typical Characters You Meet as a Coder

Are you a Code Poet? Maybe you’re an Architecture Astronaut of Web services? Or maybe you’re a Process Guru or even a Holy Priest? Let’s find out what type of a coder you are.

Certain developer personality types can influence your IT project in several ways – certain personalities can be helpful and increase the team and personal productivity, or they can sink your project or even worse, make someone totally unbelievable to work with. Andrew Oliver, strategic developer, has encountered 14 coder personality types.

The Developer Diva

Great software contains equal useful parts: high-skilled developers and testers, marketing and sales team, and responsive users. The Developer Diva is a person who thinks that all of the success is due to their efforts and coding genius. Developer Divas are not always satisfied with their current working conditions, they need more and more all the time. In fact, a lot of the time someone in HR or the management team needs to devote at least half of his or her time to listen to Diva’s complaints and get the Diva to be involved in the production process. So if the management load has to increases every time the Developer Diva acquires new skill, perhaps then you should think twice whether you need this type of coder.

The Rock Star

Usually this is a person who knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or maybe even PHP, but from their ego you might think that this person has created these programming languages. But just after 15 minutes with this person, you understand that the ego doesn’t have anything in common with the skills.

The Reluctant Coder

You need to remember that we’re living in the era of the Internet. Rather than sending their children to sports or art classes, some parents push their kids to go into software development. Sometimes it works out. But sometimes it’s just a waste of time. The work of this breed of coder becomes second-rate, they’re out the door every day at 4.55 pm and more often than not, they’re taking a rest for smoking a cigarette or making a cup of tea.

The Process Guru

You might ask, who would spend their free time reading books on the latest development and technology trends. The Process Guru would. This person knows more tech terms than the rest of your whole organization put together. The guru really is interested in the process of software development and all details that can influence the process. The Process Guru uses every minute of every meeting and likes to explain “what has been done wrong and how to change it”. Usually but not always this person is a certified specialist.

The Hipster Hacker from Hell

There is a good saying in Russian: “7 Fridays in the week”. That’s all about this person. We really need to rewrite our software in ActionScript because then our code will be beautiful. But did I say ActionScript? I mean NewtonScript because it will be simple. Bugs? Features? There is no time for such small issues. I need to rewrite the whole code in JavaScript.

The Architecture Astronaut

This coder likes complexity and difficult tasks. So he or she never sees a problem using a multi-tier architecture, distributed system using a Java application server, multiple message queues, Web services with distributed transactions and native code in C++ for better measure. The astronaut will try to spend at least half of the discussion time that is devoted to the project for drawing diagrams and gaining a better understanding of all the processes.

The Insecure Evangelist

This coder designed and built the whole architecture by himself/herself and is threatened by new suggestions from just about anybody. Basically, his ideas are good and yours are not so, until he recognize them as his own ideas.

The Code Poet

The Poet’s code is clean and elegant, and conforms beautifully to design patterns. But at the same time, the Code Poet will hold you in meetings forever, and may never notices the missed deadlines because everything that is good needs time.

The Traditionalist

“Why would you need anything else other than Java and an Oracle DB? You should run your web applications on WebSphere. Use Node.js for the server-side and networking applications. You want to send messages between nodes? Let me prepare the XML schema”.

The Propriety Priest

This coder believes that you should use only tools and solutions only with a trusted name – WebSphere, Oracle, AIX, and so on… you get the main idea. If Dell, Intel, Microsoft or some other tech corporation didn’t create it then it must not be any good.

Anyway, software development is never a solo task. Figuring out that it isn’t all about you is the first step to becoming a good and high-skilled programmer.

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