Top Weirdest Job Titles in IT

The IT industry has always been one the most innovative ones and this is reflected in the descriptions of some IT job as well. From “Hacker in Residence” to “Guru”, there is no limit when it comes to describing the roles at IT companies. This trend is going to stay for a long time in the tech sphere.

It’s Friday, so it’s almost the time to get some rest, so what could be more interesting than to find out what are some of the weirdest IT job titles nowadays.

Digital Prophet

This job title belongs to David Shing, who works at AOL. His job involves making predictions about the future of the tech and IT industry. The rest time he spends talking to people about where IT is headed, and how the company can get the most out of this. It’s unknown if his salary and job security depends on whether or not his predictions come true.

Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence

It’s an interesting fact that Microsoft seems to be the industry leader in the weirdest job titles. The funniest man in Microsoft Research is James Mickens, whose job title is “Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence”. In addition to this, the IT corporation also employs such specialists as an “Innovation Sherpa” and a “Chief Envisioning Office”.

Hacker in Residence

Mattew Shoup works at LinkedIn as a “Hacker in Residence”. His role has transformed over time, due to his participation in the company’s hack days. But he always has had a reputation as a creative person at LinkedIn, so right now his position requires solving business problems with creativity and bringing innovative ideas to life.

Tech Evangelist

Evangelist (technical, developer or otherwise) is an acknowledged person who has a deep understanding of all aspects of IT and is paid to explain, teach, and inspire. Evangelists are typically paid by IT companies that have a big interest in the success of the industry or technology. Technology evangelism is about connecting people who have problems with the products, technology, and knowledge they need to succeed.

Digital Overlord

Digital Overlord is a title that is commonly used by the UK recruiting company Coburg Banks. Apparently this job title is used to describe quite website managers.


For a better understanding of this job title you should replace the word “executive” or “manager” with any of the mentioned above to change the role from the ordinary to the extraordinary. For example, Social Media Rockstar, Accounting Ninja, Testing Guru, Digital Marketing Trailblazer and so on. Sounds extraordinary, right?

Chief Happiness Officer

Jenn Lim is a Chief Happiness Officer of the Delivering Happiness company, that she co-founded with Tony Hsieh (CEO of CHO is like CEO, the difference is that CHO is running the organization through the lens of happiness as a business model. She’s putting the people/resources/financing in place to create a sustainable company.

In-house Philosopher

According to an article from The Teeming Brain, Google has a position of “In-House Philosopher”. Damon Horowitz was titled for this and he helps to find a moral compass in technology development and to keep investing in ongoing humanities education.

Chief Troublemaker

Joanna Pineda isn’t just the CEO and Founder of Matrix Group, she’s also given herself the title of Chief Troublemaker. Sometimes such job title is so needed.

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