Top Presentations on Big Data

Data has always been big. The one big difference now, if compared with the past, is the amount of data that the World produces every second. Massive amounts of data are being generated from every phone, website, application, and so on over the Web. It may be true that by analyzing Big Data, many companies could find new ways to create new products and optimize their processes. In the blog post below you will find the most popular 14 presentations on SlideShare about Big Data.

Grant Marshall on KDnuggets has analyzed the top articles about Big Data on SlideShare. Most of the presentations are about Big Data trends and the needed skills to work with Big Data, like Hadoop (this was included into our list of Top Growing IT Skills). Understanding and analyzing Big Data is a top priority for eight out of 10 mid-size and large companies, according to a new survey by QuinStreet Enterprise.

Title Username Date Views Downloads Favorites
What is Big Data? Bernard Marr 2/28/2014 205,756 4175 222
Big Data – The 5 Vs Everyone Must Know Bernard Marr 2/28/2014 157,846 3570 251
Big Data in Real-Time at Twitter nkallen 4/19/2010 146,303 6132 665
Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Philippe Julio 10/19/2009 114,477 2399 552
Big Data – 25 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know Bernard Marr 9/24/2014 98,858 2196 178
Big data landscape v 3.0 – Matt Turck (FirstMark) Matt Turck 5/11/2014 72,695 1786 99
Big Data and Advanced Analytics McKinsey on Marketing & Sales 7/10/2013 72,682 0 243
Big Data: The 6 Key Skills Every Business Needs Bernard Marr 11/25/2014 67,693 738 54
Big Data: The 4 Layers Everyone Must Know Bernard Marr 9/17/2014 65,122 1644 116
Big Data and advanced analytics McKinsey on Marketing & Sales 12/19/2012 62,903 2 190
Big Data Trends David Feinleib 7/24/2012 59,276 4132 219
Big data 2020 HP Software Solutions 8/12/2014 58,328 86 106
A Primer on Big Data for Business Leslie Bradshaw 3/2/2013 48,356 362 59
Big Data in Retail – Examples in Action David Pittman 1/24/2013 41,147 1,010 30

Considering all these presentations, have you asked yourself the question – How much data is being created and where does it come from? To find an answer to this question, you should check the infographic below.

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