Top Fastest-Growing IT Skills

The days are long and the nights are short, so summer is actually a great time to add new skills to your tech arsenal. If you are ready to become a better IT specialist, we’ve collected a list of the top fastest-growing IT skills according to a report by

A recent report from tracked job postings on the site over one year periods to determine the growth in demand for certain tech skills year-over-year. Based on analyzed data, Dice found that the following skills are driving the most salary growth:



Following the success of its open-source framework, Hadoop, Apache developed Spark for processing large data sets. With job postings up 120% year-over-year, demand for this open-source cluster-computing framework is incredible. Spark professionals with strong coding and programming skills are top hiring priorities for companies that are spending much of their time on tech infrastructure.



Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that was created with the main aim – improve productivity of the tech professionals. Azure is a really important skill to have for mobile developers, as it can help to streamline and simplify mobile app development or analytics. And it’s great if a specialist is also familiar with Amazon Web Services at the same time, as hiring managers often are looking for candidates who have both of these skillsets.



Salesforce is far from being new in the technology world, but it always improves itself with a list of innovations and it is new to the fastest-growing skills list. Salesforce continues to be the dominant player in its market, offering innovative customer services for sales teams looking to improve client relationships. Demand for Salesforce professionals seems unlikely to decline anytime soon.

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Big Data and Cloud


As companies improve and expand their tech infrastructures, they need cloud and big data services such as Microsoft Azure, Apache Hive and others for data storage, analysis, and security. Cloud-based applications are moving across a variety of industries and the technology is everywhere today just like big data and mobile. Big data and cloud-related skills are dominating on Dice’s salary survey for the second straight year.



JIRA is a project management platform that is free for open-source projects and nonprofitsand it has enjoyed an increasing rate of adoption over the past few years. With software teams being always on the lookout for professionals with project-management experience and more and more hiring managers citing JIRA as a mandatory rather than just a ‘nice to have’ skill for a position in the software development.



Apache Hive is a data warehouse system that analyzes large Hadoop data sets. Hive’s popularity is growing along with other big data skills, like Spark and more general data analytical skills. While this system is still new to the market, some most-innovative companies like Apple and Amazon are looking for professionals with knowledge of Hive.



Cassandra is another big data skill that’s also used to help store, process, and access large sets of data. Cassandra is really new to the big data market so professionals with Cassandra experience are well-compensated. According to the survey by Dice, professionals with Cassandra experience are the second-highest earners on the list.