Tips for Writing Better Code

Every developer wants to become better at writing code and to improve his overall code quality. Everyone wants code to be clean and pragmatic. Code readability is a universal subject in the world of computing and programming. Good code is effortlessly readable. But this doesn’t happen on its own. In the blog post below we’ve collected some useful tips of some common practices to become better at writing code.

Writing a clean code was the first point in our blog post ‘What every developer should know’ as it’s better to learn this subject at the begging of your IT career. So we won’t talk again about its importance, but we’ll talk about how you can write better code both easier and faster.

Build Modules

The code must be organized. Even a readable code could cause a headache if it is not organized properly.

It’s a great idea to group different parts of the code’s functionally together. For example, rather than dumping all the JavaScript into one main.js file, consider grouping them into separate files based on their functionality. This is a lot more work to do, but it can be really helpful when you have to find some specific part of the written code.

There are new technologies, such as Polymer, that allow you to write separate HTML elements, so that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be grouped into individual components based on functionality.

Try Preprocessors

Preprocessors can add extra functionality to your code internally, while outputting the same HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with added functionality that can be recognized by browsers.

Such tools require some time to setup, but the results will be worth the extra time. They add such helpful functionalities; like variables, functions, loops, and so on. Preprocessors are highly customizable with numerous options for better usability. The most popular of them have large communities with forums and sites so you can always find an answer for some common problem and question.

Plan Before You Code

When was a last time you made a plan of the task, to approach and to complete it with the best results? A clear plan will give the answers to the following questions: what coding language and framework to use, what browser is going to support your code, do you plan to use version control software and so on? It’s easy to start and run a project when your thoughts and ideas are structured into a detailed plan.

Deciding on the right framework and tools can be a challenging task, taking in mind that new tools are appearing every year. But a clear plan can help you to choose the right one.


Comment Properly

It’s a good practice to comment on your code. Code without being commented on has a short period of vital activity.

It’s better not to waste time commenting on the obvious stuff. Comments are only necessary when the code is complex. In this case, make sure to comment on the complex part of the code to explain what it does. If the statements are too difficult to understand, write a simpler version of those statements.

Make Code Review

This is easier if you’re working in a team with other developers. It’s not so easy if you’re a freelancer. The main idea of code review is to show the code you’ve written to a group of people who haven’t seen it before. First you have to explain what you’ve written and what task should be done by this code. After this, you should listen attentively to all of the comments, even if they criticize your code because this can be really valuable.

It’s best done weekly, with the goal to understand how to improve what you’ve already written.

Take Coding Challenges

Learning a new coding language or a framework could be a real challenge. We have already talked about free online courses for IT developers. If you haven’t read them, than you should check such posts as:

But you can also take some coding challenge, to test your skills and learn something new while completing the coding task. CodeWars is a great way for checking up on your JavaScript skills. The Practice App will give you a chance to take the front end challenge.

So the main idea is to keep an open mindset and consider how you can improve the quality of your code using the best practices and tips.