Three Reasons to Outsource Software Development and Testing

Every company wants to build only the best software product for their customers; a product which is not only easy to use but is also low maintenance and profitable. All of this together makes the perfect product that people are interested to use and buy. However, not every company is capable of producing such a product, even if they come up with the idea themselves. There are many times when it is challenging for the company to go ahead with the software development on its own, either because of technological limitations or because there are other restrictions like time, budget and competitors. At such times, outsourcing is the best option.

For software development, a company must have a sufficient workforce which has both the knowledge and experience that is not always available locally. Since most companies fail to either have enough workforce or their employees are not experienced enough, outsourcing becomes the ideal alternative. When outsourcing, the company must pay a competitive price for the service, while not paying too much that they end up spending their marketing and sales budget too.

The typical expectations every outsourcer company has are as follows:

1. To get well-designed and effective technical solutions which are scalable and easy to maintain.
2. To have the work done as quickly as possible.
3. To keep the cost of development within appropriate limits.
There are many other reasons too for why a company may choose to work with software outsourcing. Here we discuss the most common three reasons for doing so.

Double the Experience

Since your company doesn’t have the expertise, outsourcing gives you double the experience. You get the experience of people involved in development of many software projects. Many popular tools such as Skype, Twitter and Youtube were built with a help of outsourcing teams.

Better Structured Execution

As a general rule, an outsourcing provider of software development and testing services has a well-structured and managed team of developers. This structure is essential since it ensures that work is done quickly and efficiently and produces consistent results.
If software developers work together with software testers, it also helps to eliminate bugs. It decreases the support costs too, by catching problems early on in the development cycle, when it is easier and cheaper to fix them.

Outsourcing is Cheaper

Cost of outsourcing is 2 times lower than developing it with your company’s own onsite team. Due to economic reasons, the hourly rates are greatly different in different countries. This means that the same work can either cost you USD 150 or USD 30.
Outsourcing also involves saving up on accounting and HR personnel since there is no involvement of the two departments. And because there are no payments to recruiting agencies, there is also less documentary work.

Now that you know why outsourcing is so amazing, imagine this: a software that you create which can be developed for you by a team of qualified programmers and beta testers. Releases and reports are delivered to you on a regular basis, and this team is able to support all your customers’ needs as well. You will save time on routine tasks and you’ll be more able to achieve your business goals quicker than ever before while simultaneously producing technologically advanced products.

All this is possible with a software outsourcing provider that you will surely like: Softheme! Softheme is a team of programmers and software testers located in Kiev, Ukraine. We develop, test and maintain successful commercial software applications for our customers.

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