Three Main Questions for a Developer

Have you ever been in a situation where the number of your tasks has increased, your email correspondence has become much longer, and the history of your commits – much shorter? Have you ever been upset because of all these situations? Probably you are saying yes, especially if you’re not a team lead, or a project manager, or not even a product manager.

So if you’re a developer, you’re working in a team, and you want to spend your time on developing code, implementing and fixing it, and improving yourself, then you have to ask yourself and your team three main questions. What are they? Check below.

For being more clear here, let’s imagine that the size, and the structure of your team is more or less stable.

First question – Who are we?

That’s the main question for any team. Without understanding your team, you won’t understand the opportunities and possibilities of it.

So you can ask yourself:

  • How many people are there in the team?
  • What are their skills?
  • What is the motivation of you and your team?

These questions will help you to understand the team, its capabilities, and limits. For example, if you’re a group of JavaScript developers, then you shouldn’t take a task of embedded software development. Also there is no sense to ask a C++ developer, with 15 years of experience, to develop a landing page.

Second question – Where are we?

Where are we – is a vital question. This question belongs to one of the most important resources – time. Perhaps, there’s a sense to rephrase the question “When should we do it?”. You should understand the type of a project/product that you’re working on.

Try to ask yourself:

  • Are we developing a product?
  • Are we outsourcing our resources?
  • Do we position ourselves as an IT-consulting company?
  • Are we a big or a small company?
  • Are we at the beginning/middle/end stage of a big/medium/small project?
  • Will we support the project?

Third question – Where are we going?

The final destination is quite important for any IT project. Without a clear goal, you can’t really measure the progress, and the results of any team’s work. Basically you should be interested with the nearest milestones, and the release dates. And also the working functionality that should be presented in it.

The possible questions:

  • Do we expect the release of a new functionality, or a bundle of new features in the coming month?
  • Should we release the MVP as soon as possible?
  • When is the nearest demo scheduled for the clients?
  • Do we expect a batch of bugs for an emergency fix soon from real users?

So all these three questions are quite obvious. But if you combine the answers to all these questions together, then you’ll be able to develop and implement the future projects/products effectively.

The development job is a process of making hundreds of decisions with a lack of information and time. And there are no ideal answers to all teams and projects. But there are the right questions for you and your team. And the right questions give the right answers.