Terrible Truth About Working in IT Company

If you think that working in IT company can give answers to all questions, then think again. Working at a tech company can be a quite tough experience, especially for new employees. Are you ready to the limits on free lunches, lack of deadlines, stale soda and other terrible things about working in a tech company? Sarah Cooper, a writer and comedian, made a list of the most terrifying horrors that are experienced everyday by the tech employees.

Vacation days are taken away (once you have accumulated 28 days)

You might think that your hard work will be paid off on vacation days. You take the first vacation, then you probably take the second one, and later – one more. State holidays are not taken into account. And the truth is that those days will be taken away from you without any notice when you have accumulated 28 days.

Nap rooms are always occupied


Not all tech companies have nap rooms for their employees, but some of them do have such strange rooms. As in an ideal world, forty winks after lunch would be a norm. But such a world doesn’t exist as all nap rooms are always occupied. Waiting time for such rooms sometimes exceeds 60 minutes. So you might have to nap in a massage room or to find a place on another floor. Anyway there are no good alternatives here.

Limits on free lunches

Most tech companies provide free lunches to their employees. Let’s say that we’re having sandwiches today for lunch. Sometimes 2 sandwiches at a time is a limit. But what if you know that you want more than that? You’re out of luck. You have to get back in line to get more. Or sometimes you can get more without any line. It’s disappointing.

Lack of deadlines

It’s not actually that there’re no deadlines (sometimes there aren’t any deadlines). It’s because most deadlines are largely meaningless. If you are not ready with something that had to be done in time by the first deadline, then you have to set a new deadline. And that could be a tough experience.

Disappointing holiday gifts

You might want a new smartphone or a tablet as your holiday gift, and you probably will get one, but it won’t be the one that you wanted. And it’s not a store; you can’t return the item and change it to another one. So just use the one you’ve got as a holiday gift.

Lack of variety of free deserts


Cheesecake is as wonderful as napoleon cake and apple pie – but where’s a gluten-free chocolate cake? Oh, here it is. But still, why aren’t deserts got changed often? There is nothing worse as a predictable desert after lunch.

Sparkling water sometimes isn’t sparkling enough

Sparkling water dispensers sometimes lose their fizz. Imagine that you’re taking a glass of carbonated water, and once you realize that what you’re drinking is no better than spring water that you can get from a water cooler. It’s horrifying.

Loss of reality

Perhaps the worst part of working in IT company is to be lost in reality. You’ll start to complain about the weirdest things. No one will understand you. You’re going to be more isolated from the others. But what can you do in such a situation? Alright, you might spend a few more hours in the nap room (if it’s not already occupied again).