Social Benefits of IT Outsourcing – New Highly-Educated Generation

Today we’re finishing up our series of blog posts about the social benefits that software outsourcing is bringing to the Ukrainian society and how IT specialists change the trends of the National Economy. Our last post will be about the people – how many of them have graduated from the university, how many have chosen to attend further courses and how IT outsourcing companies influence this process.

The young generation knows more and better about new technologies and trends nowadays. Also some of them study not only English, but even a second or even more a third foreign language in parallel, this is even more extraordinary taking in mind that they know Ukrainian and Russian from the childhood.

According to the research by the Ukrainian recruitment website –, the picture of a typical Ukrainian developer is a young person with a higher education, some work experience and a good level English. 65% of all applicants for web development jobs have graduated from the university and have received a Master’s degree. The other quarter of all applicants are continuing their studies or have already received Bachelor’s degree.


Another research by a website for Ukrainian developers –, shows that the number of IT developers with Fluent English is increasing and now it’s 40.2%. The number of specialists with Intermediate level is also high – 38.6%. This is important because this means that Ukrainian IT specialists can improve their tech knowledge and skills by reading foreign literature.


For the couple of last years, Ukraine has been in the top four countries with the largest amount of certified IT professionals, according to a report by the Association “IT Ukraine”. The total number of the certified IT specialists was more than 25 thousand people.

As witnessed by Softheme’s Director of Business Development, “When I look at the level of knowledge, education, and the number of certifications of the young IT professionals in Ukraine today compared to five years ago, the growth is incredible. I would call this generation of young twenty-something absolutely relentless in their search of knowledge and growth. We have people currently pushing on to receiving Doctorate Degrees in their chosen IT fields, enrolled in certification programs, and endless continuing education programs. Five years ago when I would be asking young people about what they are planning on doing in the evening, I would hear, ‘going to a movie, visiting a friend, enjoying a good meal,’ now I hear, ‘listening to a educational webinars, preparing for my certification test, going with my friend to French lessons.’ I can’t wait to see how in the next 30 years this generation changes the world for the better.

Government initiatives

In our previous post we’ve talked about all the reforms for tech sector that are initiated by the Ukrainian government and that should be implemented during the next year.

One of such projects, that we’ve already mentioned almost in every post on social benefits of IT outsourcing, is Technology Nation. This project is organized by the educational foundation BrainBasket and is supported by the the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and some outsourcing companies. Technology Nation is a project of free courses on computer programming that are based on courses of the world’s best tech universities – Harvard, Stanford, MIT and others. It’s expected that 40K people will attend this program in 2016.

IT companies’ initiatives

Tech organizations understand that they can develop the industry with their own initiatives inside the company. So outsourcing companies in Ukraine have launched their personal educational courses, training centers and schools, provide their employees paid certifications and free business and tech literature.

Talking about our company, Softheme provides free English and Polish lessons to the employees during working hours. The lessons are organized and held by native speakers.

Also Softheme’s employees organize professional lectures and presentations for their colleagues. During such events they can share their experience and skills of some particular technology or coding language with others.


Besides that, Softheme has launched the educational school for junior developers. In the school, young developers attend the courses during which they receive the skills needed for real projects. You can find all the details about the school on the website –

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