Review – Ukraine High Tech Report 2015

The New Year of 2016 is coming. So now is the right time to sum up the passing year and to make a list of goals for the next one.

Ukrainian Digital News and AVentures Capital, in partnership with local and international IT associations, have prepared the first comprehensive report on Ukrainian’s IT outsourcing and software R&D capacity. The main point of the report is that Ukrainian IT services and R&D capacities have grown by double-digit figures. Check the blog post with other details.

Ukrainian outsourcing and product companies offer a wide range of engineering capabilities, going from mobile app and software development and testing to web development, gaming, e-commerce and so on. According to the report, most companies have also already switched to agile development over the past few years.

The Ukrainian IT market is one the most important state industries with an export volume of $2.3 bln in 2014 that generated almost 4% of the Ukrainian GDP and is 3# in the Ukrainian export sector. According to High Tech Report, the US market is the main destination with an estimated 80% of the total volume of export services.

With 200,000 IT specialists forecast by 2020, the Ukrainian IT sector is becoming the basement of the middle class in Ukraine with salaries rates of the Western countries. According to, the total number of programmers working in the Ukrainian IT industry is approaching 90,000 specialists, which takes first place in the Central and Eastern Europe for the number of IT specialists. For the previous year this number was 75,000, so it has increased by 20%. In other words, each month more than one thousand specialists join the industry.

It is important to mention that the English level proficiency among IT specialist had been grown too, over the last few years, but unfortunately remains lower than that in some other CEE countries. Nevertheless, some significant steps have been made for increasing English knowledge among the Ukrainian nation. For example, some foreign movies (such as Star Wars) are being showed with the original sound track in Multiplex cinemas.

The total number of IT companies in 2015 is 1000+. High Tech Report includes a comprehensive list of software, R&D and IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Softheme is included in the list for Main IT Service Companies in Kyiv and the Kyiv Region. So check its profile on the 56th page of the report.

According to the World Bank Group, Ukraine has showed a 16-point improvement compared to the previous year. For starting a business, Ukraine ranked ahead of Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Check the pros and cons of doing business in Ukraine:

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