Results of the Ukrainian IT Market in 2016

It’s always a good idea to look through the results of the previous year when you’re planning the next one. Therefore, we’re summarizing the key results of the Ukrainian IT market in 2016 that include the number of IT specialists and tech companies, market and salaries growth, educational and personal preferences, etc. Read our blog post to find out all these results.

Market growth.

According to the research by, the total number of the Ukrainian IT specialists is approximately 99 940 people. This number includes not only developers, but QA and PM specialists as well. In 2015 the number of people involved in the IT market was 89 300 people, so the market has grown up by 12%. Interesting fact, that one of the biggest Ukrainian IT company employs more than 4 500 people (as for July 2016).


Almost half of all IT workers live and work in Kyiv, while 80% of all Ukrainian IT specialists are living live in top 5 largest Ukrainian cities – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa. But every this number is decreasing, as in 2015 it was 84%. That means that the IT market is developing in the small cities as well.


Companies. publishes open vacancies from almost every tech company in Ukraine. In 2016, the number of companies with open vacancies was 1 650. In 2015, this number was 1 274, so it has increased by 29%. The growth has slowed down in 2014 and resumed in 2015.


Number of open vacancies.

Market growth is particularly noticeable with due to a number of opened vacancies. In 2016, its number has increased on by 40% (from 1 731 to 2 731). The number of CVs sent to HR managers has also increased from 4 122 to 5 691.


Interesting fact, that different vacancies get different amount of CVs. For example, one QA vacancy can get up to 23 CVs, while C++ Developer job vacancy can get only 3 resumes. And PM jobs vacancies get even more CVs than QA vacancies ones.


The number of open vacancies for Junior Developers (without working experience or with experience for only 1 year) has increased by 71%: in 2015 the number of such vacancies was 794, and in 2016 it was 1 360.

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According to salaries’ the research of salaries made by, the average salary hasn’t changed a lot, but there are some changes for some categories. For example, the average salary for PMs has decreased by 30% comparing to the previous year ($1400 vs. $2000). That’s also explains the number of CVs sent for PM jobs.


Events and conferences.

The total number of IT events has increased by 50% comparing with 2015. Organizers and promoters have announced 304 events monthly in 2016, while it was there were only 200 events per month in 2015. Almost 20% of all events are educational courses and trainings, 10% – tech conferences.