Programming Languages Popularity in Ukraine [February 2017]

Software developers are now in high demand in Ukraine than ever. So if you want to improve your coding skills and to get a top tech job in the Ukrainian IT company, you need to know what programming language to choose for your further career. – one of the most popular Ukrainian websites for IT, interviewed developers and other IT specialists about their preferences and experiences in using programming languages for software and web projects. So what are the most popular programming languages in Ukraine as of February 2017?

Some numbers before the key results:

  • 8 186 people completed the survey;
  • 90% of all respondents live in Ukraine;
  • 80% of Ukrainian IT specialist are living in top 5 largest cities – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa.

The main results of the survey


What language are you using for your projects today?

According to the graphics, Java is still the leading programming language in Ukraine (23% of the market), JavaScript is in second place (16%) and this language has been slightly ahead over C#. Comparing to a survey in 2016, the top three coding languages have remained unchanged.

The 4th place is taken by PHP (13%) and the 5th place goes to Python (7%). It is interesting how Python is popular among Ukrainian developers but the reason for that could be the increasing role of data science components in projects where Python is used as the main coding language.

Programming with C++ takes 5% of the market, followed by Ruby (4,5%), Swift and Objective-C. The last language in top 10 is Scala (1,5%) which is more popular than C and 1C.


What language have you been using for the last 6 years?

Comparing the results of how the coding languages were used over the last year and the previous one, we can admit the decrease in popularity of such programming languages as Java, C# C++ and Objective-C, and the increase in using their substitutes such as JavaScript, Python, Swift and Scala. The popularity of PHP and Ruby has remained unchanged.

The languages that are used on given projects


If you started a commercial project, what language would you use?

The situation is almost the same as with the languages that are being used, however there are some interesting trends. We have noticed the growth of Go. Developers started using Kotlin and TypeScript, while fewer developers choose Java as the main language for their project comparing to the previous year. We can assume that more developers prefer Kotlin and TypeScript to Java because Java can limit their potential and skills.

Studying new programming languages


What language are you going to learn next year?

Most developers (65%) are going to learn a new programming language next year. The most attractive languages are: JavaScript (12%), then Python, Java, Go, Scala, and Swift. The sources for learning new coding languages are: books and tutorials (61%), online IT courses (27%), offline courses and educational events (7%).
If you’re among such developers, then check our blog post with a list of free online courses that started in February.

Additional languages


What additional languages do you use?

This graphic is quite similar to the figure with the main languages, except of Unix Shell taking the second place, and higher positions of SQL extensions, comparing to the previous year.

Personal projects


What languages do you use for your personal projects?

The top positions are taken by JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP and Python which is similar to the previous year. An interesting trend to watch is the increase of Python, Swift and Go.