Programming Languages Popularity among Ukrainian Developers

Every year, one of the most popular Ukrainian sites for IT specialists – – ask developers about their experience and preferences of using coding languages for work and personal projects. If you believe in collective wisdom, then such a rating can help you to decide which language to study, or which one to use in a new software project. So do you want to find out which language was the most popular among Ukrainian developers last year? Then check our blog post with lots of the details.

Some numbers before talking about the results:

  • 5905 people completed the survey;
  • 92,5% of all respondents live in Ukraine;
  • 21% of all respondents had already completed surveys in previous years, 59% have answered for the first time, the rest 19% didn’t remember.

So the key results are:

  • The most popular language is… Java;
  • JavaScript ranked in the 4th place as the main coding language;
  • Swift and Go are in the Top 20 languages that are actually used for programming;
  • The median age of a Java developers – 27 years old, Basic developers – 37 years old.

Languages used in current running projects

What language are you using for work projects at this moment?

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Most developers are using Java, 2nd place is taken by C#, 3rd – PHP, 4th – JavaScript and 5th – Python.  Languages as Swift and Go appeared at the end of the list which is an indication about their commercial use for IT projects.

We can also check how the use of coding languages has changed with the years since 2011.

What language were you using for work projects?

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Some significant changes happened with such languages as C#, JavaScript, C++ and Objective-C.

The share of Java has increased a little, but the gap between Java and C# has increased greatly because less and less people are using C#. JavaScript is 4th now, beating the C++ over the last few years. Using of C++ has also decreased significantly. Nowadays Python is even more used than C++. The interest in Ruby has increased; the growth of Scala has slowed down.

Languages preferred to use on projects

If you start a commercial project, what language would you use?

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The situation with the preferred languages is almost the same with the used languages. Java and C# are still at the top of the list, while JavaScript is in 3rd place. The raising share of Swift is probably possible due to the use of Swift instead of Objective-C in the near future.

The satisfaction index (the percentage of developers who would like to use the same programming language for the next project as for the previous one) shows the following results: first place is taken by Swift – clearly this Apple’s platform is going to be among the future leaders.


Additional languages

What additional languages are you using?

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Coming in 1st first is still JavaScript, while Python is in 2nd place. It’s necessary to note the appearance of CoffeeScript into the top 10 additional languages.

Personal projects

What languages are you using for your personal projects?

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The top positions are taken by JavaScript, Java, and PHP, this is not really surprising.

Additional results

The age of developers

It is really interesting to notice the age of Ukrainian developers, depending on the programming language.

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The age of Ukrainian developers varies a little. The youngest audience is working with CoffeeScript (average age – 26 year old). On the other hand, the languages with the oldest developers are Basic (average age – 37 years old), Erland and Pascal/Delphi (35 years old), followed by Perl (32 years old).

Work experience

Work experience of the working as a developer

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The main trend is the increase in numbers of first-year developers.  Also it’s necessary to mention that developers with 10+ years of experience is still highly valuable in the IT market.

The ration between work experience and programming experience using a single language:

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During the first year, more than a half of all developers are changing their primary language for coding.

What language did you use to write your first code?

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Ukrainian universities are graduating the most students with knowledge in Pascal/Delphi.