Popularity of Programming Languages among Ukrainian Developers [January 2016]

One of the most popular Ukrainian sites for IT – dou.ua – ask regular developers and other IT specialists about their preferences and experience of using programming languages for software and web projects.

What are the most popular programming languages as of January 2016? Check our blog post that is loaded with lots of details and graphics of Ukrainian choice.

Some numbers before the key results:

  • 6,181 people completed the survey;
  • 91.5% of all respondents live in Ukraine;
  • 20% of all respondents had already completed the survey in previously, 60% answered for the first time, the remaining 20% didn’t remember.

The key results of this survey:

  • Java is still the most popular programming language;
  • JavaScript is now in the top 3 coding languages after taking the place of PHP;
  • The use of Scala is climbing once again;
  • The ratio between Objective-C/Swift is still 80/20.

The main programming languages in 2015

What language are you using for work projects nowadays?

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What languages were you using for work projects during the last 6 years?

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According to the graphics, Java is still leading in the IT market, and the number of developers using it is growing constantly. On the other hand, the number of developers using C# is decreasing.

The main fact of this rating, is that JavaScript is now in the 3rd place. It looks like the era of PHP dominating web projects is over. So junior developers should take time to think a bit longer about what language to learn first and think twice about when to learn PHP.

It is also important to mention the increase of Python use. Perhaps, the reason for this is the increasing role of data science components in the projects where Python is used as the main coding language. The growth of Scala is back to the numbers that were noted at the beginning of the previous year.

Comparing the results of coding languages being used over the last year to those of the previous 6 years, we can note the decreased in popularity of such languages as C#, C++, Objective-C, ActionScript, Perl and the increased usage of their substitutes such as JavaScript, Swift, R and Go.

It is important to mention, that 89% of respondents can highlight one programming language that they use for most of their working projects.

Languages that are preferred to use on given projects

If you start a commercial project, what language would you use?

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The situation with what language is preferred for a given project is almost the same as with the what languages are being used category, however there are some interesting trends. Last year fewer developers chose Java as the main language compared to this year. Nevertheless, the usage of Scala is constantly increasing. This could mean that the Java community is still choosing Java but is also thinking about using Scala.

We can notice that Swift has already taken one place higher than Objective-C. Go also continues to gain popularity.

The satisfaction index (the percentage of developers who would like to use the same programming language for their next project as they did for their previous one) shows the following results: first place is still taken by Swift; and Scala joins this group which means these languages are going to be among the future leaders.


Additional languages

What additional languages are you using?

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There are no surprises in this pic. The only interesting thing is that the share of C has stopped to decrease, while the share of C+ has started to increase. A possible reason for that is the growth of hardware projects.

Personal projects

What languages are you using for personal projects?

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The top positions are taken by JavaScript, Java, PHP, C# and Python. The interesting trend to watch is the increase of Python, Go, and R.

Additional results

Work experience

The experience of working as a developer

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The main trend is that more than 25% of all developers have work experience of one year or even less. The reason for that is clear – the increased popularity of IT among young graduates.

Also the developers with 10+ years of experience are still highly valuable in the IT market.

The ratio between work experience and programming experience using a single language

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During the first year, more than a half of all developers are changing their primary language for coding.

What language did you use to write your first code?

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In this case the situation has not changed. The Ukrainian Universities are graduating most students with knowledge in Pascal/Delphi and Basic.