Online Career Tests – Who Are You in IT

You want to become a programmer, but don’t know where to start? Or you’re already working in IT but can’t decide what new skill or new programming language to learn? We have a solution – an online career test for future IT specialist. So why not try a couple of these tests, which can help you make the right decision and start or to refresh your successful IT career.

We can recommend for you to complete the next career tests:

Both of these tests can be completed in English.

The educational platform BrainBasket has launched a professional orientation test with the help of specialists from some of Ukrainian’s IT outsourcing companies and training centers. The test can help you to understand the job predispositions based on your background, knowledge, professional, and personal skills.


BrainBasket states that the main purpose of it’s test is to show you the IT professions that you should consider first, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try or master others. The results of the test shouldn’t be interpreted as the only choice you have to master a particular profession since everything depends on you and you won’t know for sure until you try it.

The test includes 20 questions that should be answered during 5 steps. As a result, you will receive a graphical chart describing your tendency to choose one of the eight proposed IT jobs.

Also you can try another simple an online test in English –


The test defines your goals, interests, and preferences according to your answers. It includes only 3 questions. For the first one, you should answer the question – Why do you want to learn to code? And choose between 4 variants – Be a professional developer; Run a startup; Build something fun; Have another skill. After choosing one of these, you will redirected to answer other questions for your chosen field.

There are only 10 possible results, but you may also receive a combination of several options, for example – 1) PHP and 2) JavaScript. If you’re interested in the details behind your result, then you can check the explanation following the link – Learn WHY this language is the best for you. Here you will find the details of how to get started, what tools to use, how to develop the skills, and what career opportunities are waiting for you.

If you have already decided where to move forward and what programming language to learn next, then we can advise you to check what career opportunities are waiting for you in Softheme by checking our blog post that has our open vacancies in January.