Most Popular Websites from
1996 to 2013

Can you guess what the most popular worldwide website is nowadays? And what website was the most visited in 1996? Have any ideas?

The journalists from The Washington Post know. They have prepared a really informative infographic about the 20 most popular websites for each year since 1996, using data from comScore. Most people may think that Google, Facebook and Amazon were always at the top of the list, but actually only Amazon was.

Want to find out when Google, Facebook and eBay enter the list? Check-out in the blog post below.

Some sites have been on the list for all 20 years, like AOL and Yahoo. Some sites and companies have already disappeared off the list many years ago. It is really interesting that this infographic shows when certain sites became and then stopped being popular. The infographic shows not only a list of companies but also the connections for each company over some period of time. All the data is current as of December of each year.

If you click on the pic below, a full-version of the infographic will be opened.

1996 to 2000

This period displays the heart of the original dot-com boom. Several of the most visited web-sites were college sites, as a result of the colleges’ investments into the development of the Internet. Yahoo and AOL are already on the list. Some of sites are not even known today, like ‘GNN’ or ‘Teleport’.


2000 to 2004

eBay is coming to the top of the list, while Amazon is holding strong positions. During these years Google had already taken place of some other search engines, like Altavista and Webcrawler. Some media networks are becoming more and more popular with each year.

It is needed to mention, that some websites, associated with a parent company, are included onto the list under the name of their company, like ESPN is not on the list because it’s a part of Disney.


2004 to 2009

Facebook joined the list in 2007 and quickly became the place where all college students and graduates were gathering. During these years, there were lots of ups-and-downs like Walmart, Viacom, or Ask and eBay is starting to lose its positions.


2009 to 2013

Over the last years, the top four sites continue to be the same: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook. Big media networks are still keeping their positions at the medium of the list. What’s interesting is the appearance of LinkedIn.

Just need to remember that all this data is provided by comScore. So the rankings may vary using other metrics.



So what interesting things are happening in the Web this year? Who is going to be on the top – Google, Yahoo, Facebook or someone else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.