Most Popular GitHub Accounts of Ukrainian IT Specialists

GitHub, as well as StackOverflow, is a quite important source of new information, solutions and documentation for numerous development projects. GitHub offers online source code hosting for Git projects, with powerful collaboration, code review and issue tracking.

There are almost 24,000 of Ukrainian accounts registered on GitHub. Do you know what accounts are the most popular? Let’s find out.

We’ve collected top 10 Ukrainian accounts according to such criteria as number of stars, followers, commits, closed issues and forks.


A star (similar to Like on Facebook) is a qualitative characteristic of repositories on GitHub. Any user can put a star to any project that he or she finds interesting. JavaScript developers have received the most stars according to our chart (7 out of 10 places):

The 1st place (with 24,000 stars) was taken by Dmytro Semenov (known as dimsemenov), who works as a freelancer and is known for his project Ptohoswipe, a photo gallery based on JavaScript. The 2nd place is taken by Volodymyr Shatsky (known as vlad-shatskyi), who works at Railsware. The 3rd place goes to Dmytro Danylyk (known as dmytrodanylyk), who works at Atlassian and is known for his project -Android Circular Progress Button.


The number of followers is a characteristic of social activity of the user. Most users on the pic below are well-known speakers at different IT conferences. At the same time, many users follow others not for networking reasons, but also to keep track of all latest updates and new projects by well-known developers.

The 1st place by number of followers is taken by Volodymyr Agofonkin (known as mourner), the author of Leaflet library, the project of interactive maps. The 2nd place goes to Paul Miller (known as paulmillr). By the way, he made his own rating of GitHub users – The 3rd place is taken by Dmytro Danylyk, that was mentioned above.


The number of commits is a more quantitive than the qualitative characteristic. But there is a popular saying, that quantity often moves to quality. On the pic below, we see some PHP developers, besides of JavaScript developers.

Unexpectedly, but the first place is taken by Rada data bot. This bot keeps all versions of changes and amendments to the Ukrainian laws since 2015 (more than 173,000 changes and amendments).

If we’re talking about real developers, then 1st place is taken by the user with the nickname Coderaiser. The 2nd place goes to Sergiy Yakovlev (known as sergeyklay), that works as Senior Software Engineer at, and he is also known for his role in developing the Phalcon PHP-framework. The 3rd place is taken by Maksym Kotlyar (known as makasim), Lead System Architect in Forma-Pro.

Closed issues

A closed issue is a quantitive item, and it’s rather subjective. A completed task can be something like from writing a few lines of code to creating a separate module. However, the number of closed issues shows the amount of work which a developer completed.

The 1st place is taken by Igor Malynovsky (known as uglide), also known for graphics development for Redis DBMS – RedisDesktopManager. The 2nd place goes to Volodymyr Agofonkin (known as mourner). The 3rd place is taken by Michael Bondarchuk (known as DavertMik), who works as PHP developer at Codegyre.


Forking a repository means coping it to the personal account. In other words, the more forks a project has, the more developers have decided to use this project for their own tasks.

The 1st place is taken by Dmytro Semenov, who is also on the 1st place by the number of stars. The 2nd place is taken by Sergiy Pimonov (known as olton), who works as CTO in Internet Invest. The 3rd place is taken by Dmytro Danylyk, who is also in top 3 users by the number of stars and followers.