Most Interesting Ukrainian IT Events [September 2015]

Last Tuesday we posted a list of useful and free IT online courses in programming, computer science, engineering, and mathematics. If you think that you won’t have enough time to attend such courses, than we would propose to you to visit some offline events. Probably you won’t gain as many new skills and knowledge during such events, but you will definitely understand where and what to look for in your personal and professional growth. So check our list of most interesting IT events that will take place in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities this September.

World Communication Forum Davos – Kyiv 2015

When: 4th of September
Where: InterContinental Hotel Kyiv
Tickets: 3500 UAH (140 EUR)


The subject of the second WCFDavos Kyiv 2015:  New communications – Government, Business, Media, and Community. The key topics of this Forum will be: how communication provides an understanding between countries, government authorities, companies, and different society groups; how technological and social trends affect our communications. Representatives of business, government, NGOs, and media will meet with leading Ukrainian and foreign experts to discuss these topics and global trends in this area.

The key speakers of WCFDavos Kyiv 2015 are: Aivaras Abromavicius (Minister of Economy and Trade of Ukraine), Dmytro Shymkiv (Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, former CEO of Microsoft Ukraine), Anna Derevyanko (CEO of European Business Association in Ukraine), Denis Dovgopoliy (Co-founder and President of the CrowthUP Business Accelerator) and many others.

BigData Conference Ukraine

When: 11th of September
Where: Conference Hall of Business Centre “Parus”, Kyiv
Tickets: 1000 UAH


BigData Conference is: 8 stories about using big data in real business projects; 9 technical reports of using big data by developers and administrators; discussion with more than 15 experts about prospects of big data in Ukraine; 150+ attendees from many Ukrainian cities.

The conference will be divided into two topics: “Big data for business” that will be interesting for executives, marketing managers and analysts from difference companies; and “Big Data Technologies” that can be useful for developers and system administrators.

AI Ukraine 2015 – Conference about Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, machine learning and Big Data

When: 12th of September
Where: Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv
Tickets: 950 UAH


AI Ukraine 2015 is a professional discussion platform for such topics as artificial intelligence, practical use of data mining, machine learning, Big Data, robotics, computer vision, and other areas of AI.

You’ll have an opportunity to watch presentations and listen to reports by 20 speakers from high-tech companies and startups that use artificial intelligence in their products and services. Among them you can meet representatives from such companies as: DataRobot, ZoomData, Samsung, V.I.Tech, SoftServe, YouScan, Geosynergy, Language Technology Group (Technische Universität Darmstadt),, ZZ Wolf, Grammarly, RootUA Media and others.

Ukrainian Software Development Forum 3.0

When: 17th of September
Where: Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kyiv
Tickets: 75 USD (for IT companies)


Association “Internet Technologies of Ukraine” is organizing the third Ukrainian Software Development Forum. The main topics of Forum 3.0 will be: global challenges and local feedback in software development; IT sales in Ukraine today; the state policy on software development; changes and trends on key vertical markets – what clients expect to see in the fields of Finance, Embedded, Healthcare, Customer Relations & Marketing.

The key speakers are: Serhiy Kvit (Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine), Oleksandr Danchenko (People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of Committee on Informatization and Communication), Victor Galasyuk (People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship), representatives of the biggest Ukrainian software companies and many others.

Black Sea SummIT

When: 19th of September
Where: Concert hall “Sady Pobedy”, Odesa
Tickets: 1200 UAH


Black Sea SummIT is a conference about innovations, global trends of the IT industry, effective networking, and discovering the new IT in Ukraine. The conference will attended by more than 600 people – geeks and software developers, founders and entrepreneurs, individual investors and funds, and government authorities. The main goal of the conference is to promote innovative entrepreneurship, to attract investments into IT infrastructure, to establish effective collaboration of international funds, accelerators, business incubators, and local companies.

Among speakers you can meet: Valery Fishuk (Vice President, Cisco Ukraine), Nadezhda Vasilyeva (General Director, Microsoft Ukraine), Mike Reiner (Business Developer, Amazon Web Services), Vetle Nilsen (Knowledge Transfer Officer, CERN) and many others.