Large Enterprises Choose IT Outsourcing from Small Providers

In today’s business world, the vast majority of businesses are really dependent on their IT systems. We’re noticing a tech trend where more large organizations are working with small IT providers. But what is driving this trend and why now? And how do you select a great IT service provider? We’ll try to find out in the blog post below with taking in mind that Ukraine may become your next outsourcing service provider.

There are several reasons for choosing small or medium IT company as your IT service provider:

Superior customer services.

Smaller providers have spent lots of hours searching for additional projects, but nowadays the benefits of this are starting to pay off. Now that large companies and organizations tend to have more mature management practices, they can work more successfully with young and small providers. Along with this, these large organizations and companies are noticing that any potential lack of experience form the small to medium providers is more than made up with dedication and a passion for customer services.

Geographical effectiveness.

In looking at just the outsourcing side, the large outsourcing companies really depend on their headquarters input or approval before making any decisions. But technology teams are always asked to work faster, better, and cheaper. So speaking of the small to medium sized outsourcing companies, being in the same time zone and even better yet, the same building as the decision makers really helps the development machine move more efficiently.

From the partnership perspective, the geographical issues of having the same social-cultural values is important when talking about design and feel of a project; mobile and social app development jobs.

If we’re talking about a Ukrainian service provider, then European companies should be really pleased with the fact that there is only one or two hours difference between our time zones and no difference in social and cultural values.

One field players.

When we’re talking about choosing a service provider for cloud infrastructure services, then there is a sense to select a provider that has the same level (the same business size). But that’s different when companies are searching a provider for software development or web design. It’s much easier to work with a new provider, who doesn’t claim years of experience, but instead can compensate that by a greater willingness to take risks and support your business initiatives.

Big companies want what small companies have.

Small companies (especially IT services providers) have proved themselves to be very quick to adapt to industry trends while capitalizing on new technologies and using their well-managed structures with little to no bureaucracy. Small and middle-sized companies can offer large organizations innovative products, management practices, and opportunities to get in touch with the small business’s innovative, contemporary image. Both large companies and small providers can brighten their global prospects by forming collaborative partnerships that capitalize on their strengths.


So if you’re presenting a large enterprise and thinking about outsourcing IT tasks to smaller companies, then Ukraine could be your next outsource destination. Ukraine is a popular destination for U.S. and European business as it has one of the largest armies of IT engineers in the world, which is approaching 100,000. An estimated 80% of the outsourcing work conducted in the country goes to U.S. based companies. Big names, like Dell, Salesforce, Cisco, Oracle, Samsung, and others have already placed some research and development teams in Ukraine.

Softheme is not really a small IT outsourcing company, the company has already successfully delivered more than 1,000 projects (since 2006) to companies of various sizes (from startups to Fortune 500 corporations). Softheme provides desktop, web, and mobile development services; along with independent software testing and QA, Salesforce development and integration, and Internet marketing services. It is important to mention, that Softheme is now a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner.

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