Key IT Hiring Trends in 2015

In the last post we talked about some future jobs that could be in high demand in the next 10 or 15 years. The background for these future jobs is forming now. Today’s trends will determine tomorrow’s jobs. IT has already been integrated in lots of everyday spheres and touches many parts of today’s businesses, governments, social organizations and many others. A reasonable question is ‘What trends in IT employment are going to dominate in 2015?’

Switching from Consultants to Full-Time Employees

Organizations and businesses are starting to ease up on their use of consultants and are moving from consultants and freelancers to full-time employees. This has been a trend over the last few years and is going to continue in 2015. There are several reasons for this move. The most important are: job stability and the ability for career growth, stable health insurance, and a balance between work and life. Stable health insurance is one of the most important reasons, as managing your own insurance can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. Job stability equates to job security and opportunities for career growth. Also full-time employees have fixed working hours and approved vacation time and this really matters if you have a family.

Certifications are Gaining Value

The business value of technical certifications is becoming higher than ever. Organizations want certificates because they show that the person they hire can perform at a needed level. According to the research from CompTIA, hiring certified employees saves businesses time and money. Certified IT specialists tend to have better communication and project management skills. Many employers try to find certified workers with the right combination of hard and soft skills. Certification programs are evolving to become more performance-oriented.

It’s really important to choose the right certification for your career, but it might not be such an easy task. The best-known certificates sometimes aren’t necessarily the ones that will help you succeed. The good ones are almost always performance-oriented and have a laboratory component that is included. If you do find the right certification, it will definitely add value to your IT career.

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IT and Software Architecture Become More Important

Certified architects were one of the highest-paid certified specialists in 2014 with security, data, and infrastructure architecture skills at the top of the list. This trend is going to continue in 2015 as complexity grows.

Regardless of size and complexity, every software project needs to consider its software architecture. As in every business, the first steps are the most important steps because they determine the whole philosophy and future testing process of the project. Thinking about software architecture provides you with an opportunity to have technical leadership and the chances of a successful IT career in your favor.


Companies Continue to Invest in Human Capital Management

Investments in Human Capital Management are going to increase in the next year as the IT hiring market becomes more competitive. Companies are becoming more progressive about the way they oversee their employees and are realizing how difficult it’s to manage people, their salaries, bonuses, and skills premiums. Organizations are likely to invest in better recruiting technologies to help them track down the best possible talent for their IT market.

Increasingly in the future, HR managers of IT companies will realize that job skills are the most important currency in the world. For this reason, organizations will make learning a top priority so that their talent can develop and improve.

High Demand for Information Security and Cybersecurity Skills Will Continue

Companies are taking information threats more and more seriously every year and are starting to admit that they have not been staffing information security specialists enough. An important trend in the market is the growing amount of infosec certifications and there is also a strong growth in the market value for a low-end beginner certification.

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Software Quality Assurance

The IT market is going to see growth in software QA skills and certifications in 2015.

With today’s emerging software system architecture, the need to better understand, manage, and adopt the software quality assurance activities is increasing. IT companies define and implement quality models which are specific to their type of business. According to World Quality Report, nowadays companies invest more in testing and quality assurance because customer expectations are rising. Organizations deploy a fully functional Testing Center of Excellence which is to coordinate the testing process with business development from the very beginning.

Taking all of these into account, 2015 looks promising. Unemployment in IT market is decreasing every year and most companies are investing more in their full-time employees.