Join Kyiv Smart City School

Specialists from Amsterdam Smart City, Chicago Smart City and other international experts will help Kyiv citizens to create and to manage their own Smart City. This is becoming possible with Kyiv Smart City School that will start on October 1st. If you’re interested in changing Kyiv and making it highly-effective with modern technologies, then you can apply to the School. How? Find out in the blog post below.

The main idea of Smart City School is to create “social capital”, or in other words, leaders and change agents who have the right set of knowledge, and who are willing to use this knowledge in practice and change Kyiv to make it a better place for living. Smart City School is a unique educational project that will deal with smart city knowledge.

The syllabus of this educational program will include such topics:

  • E-Government – setting up the working environment for electronic documents services, e-services, and e-democracy systems;
  • New technologies – understanding worldwide technology trends and thier development in Ukraine, fundraising, forecasting the prospects of business and science, tools for the implementation of IT projects;
  • State administration – understanding the processes of public administration, creating state projects, budgeting, communication management, project management, and lobbying;
  • Smart city management – learning the principles of smart city, the ways of establishing public-private partnerships, team building, and project management;
  • Social entrepreneurship – a special course that combines the basics of social entrepreneurship, city management, project management, and financial literacy;
  • Financial literacy – understanding all budgeting processes including different financial services, innovations in the financial sector, and new approaches to financial literacy.

Besides that, all students will have the opportunity to attend such special courses, as energy efficiency, decentralization, legal literacy, urban activism, and art. Also there will be free open meetings for everyone who is interested in changing Kyiv.

For 10% of the students, education will be for free, as they can receive educational grants. For others the price of the courses will be from 2 000 to 10 000 UAH, and it will last for 2.5-3 months. The total number of students – 50.


During the courses, students will work on projects of urban infrastructure, and will present them to city authorities, potential partners, and investors.

This educational project will gather specialists and experts from such organizations as eGovAcademy (Tallinn), the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, CANactions School for Urban Studies, Smart City Lab (Tallinn), ProZorro, Amsterdam City Administration, Ministry of Economy of Estonia, Delegation of EU in Ukraine, Amsterdam Smart City, Chicago Smart City, Council of Europe, representatives from United Nations, and others.

You can apply for this School now here –

BTW, Softheme has launched its own school for educational programs. Right now you can apply for free course on C#. Check the details and apply here: