IT Education Market in Ukraine

Education is a key to success in any profession, especially in the IT sphere. Attending new educational courses and gaining some skills means that you’re willing to grow and build your career with brighter opportunities.

Over the last 5-6 years, offline IT schools appeared in numerous Ukrainian cities, not only in Kyiv. The Ukrainian website,, has made a research on Ukrainian IT schools in order to understand the last tendency of offline education among students.

The total number of IT schools operating in Ukraine is 73 in 24 different cities. Last year, they prepared 43, 868 students. Comparing to 2015, the number of graduates increased by 31%. The results were provided by IT schools and they don’t include online courses.

You can check the full list of IT schools here –

Top 7 Ukrainian IT schools with the most students have prepared almost 46% of all students. Most schools operate in Kyiv (36 schools), Kharkiv (26), Lviv (16), Dnipro (15) and Odesa (15).

Softheme is also following this educational trend. Last year, the company launched its own school for educational programs – Shkola 1010 –

Right now, Softheme is searching for applicants for the Salesforce Development Educational Course. If you’re young and open-minded, see your future with technologies and programming, have a desire to learn new things and to work in an IT company, then don’t hesitate to apply now.

Everyone is invited to complete an online test that will take at least one hour. Everyone, who successfully passes the test, will be invited to the office for an interview. The main criteria are: interest for informational technologies, capacity for good logical thinking, basic knowledge of mathematics, and a good level of English.

All educational programs are FREE of charge!

It is interesting to note that 80% of our graduates work now as Junior Developers in Softheme.

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