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Summer is not only a good time for planning your vacation. It’s also a right time for considering new opportunities for your education and career. If you’re open to new challenges, then you might want to take a look at some very interesting educational courses provided by Softheme. Please, don’t miss this opportunity, and apply right now!

Right now, Softheme is recruiting Junior Developers for the following courses:

You can find the detailed description of each opportunity on the website –

C#.NET Course

This course will include basics of C# and ASP.NET, front-end development using Bootstrap, jQuery and AngularJS, databases on MS SQL. Practical tasks will be added to the theoretical lectures. Students will participate in a graduation project, that will allow them to use new knowledge in practice, gain experience with Jira and Git tools, get experience working in a team, and communicating with QA specialists.
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Salesforce Course

The course will allow students to gain experience with the most innovative and fast-growing CRM system – Salesforce. The program will give students an opportunity to be able to build modern Cloud SaaS business solutions.
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QA Course

This course is for Senior students who don’t have any commercial experience in QA testing. The course will include lectures on QA testing and practical tasks, such as: main types and methods of QA testing, creation of test cases, documentation of results.
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Everyone who wishes to enroll, will need to pass an online test, and an interview with a tech specialist, who will be checking up on their technical skills and English knowledge. After these two steps, the candidates will have an opportunity to attend this course, and to join the internship at Softheme.

It is important to notice, that all educational programs are FREE of charge!

And, it’s interesting to note that 80% of all graduates are working now as Junior Developers at Softheme.

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