Interesting Ukrainian IT Events – Winter 2016/2017

Every season different tech conferences, IT events and forums are held on a wide range of topics to promote the development of the IT industry and tech innovations. Participation in such events helps deepening and broadening the knowledge in a particular area, creating some new business contacts, forming new ideas, improving interaction.

This winter is a great chance for everybody to be a part of such activities and to find something useful in the IT field. Check our blog post with some of them.

Softheme’s IT-School invites people to Salesforce Course.

Softheme School (Shkola 1010) has opened a new free course on Salesforce development for everyone who is young, open-minded and sees their future with technologies of the most innovative company.
Everyone who wishes to enroll, will have to pass an online test, and an interview with a tech specialist, who will be checking up on their technical skills and English knowledge. After these two steps, the candidates will have an opportunity to attend this course, and to join the internship at Softheme. You can pass the online test here.
It is important to note that all educational programs are free of charge.
Also keep in mind that 80% of past graduates  work now for Softheme as Junior Developers.

A special meeting with Vladimir Luchaninov within SEMPRO Club.

When – 22nd of December, 2016.
Where – 101 Tower, 7th Floor, Kyiv.
The meeting will be devoted to a rare topic – management of netting websites. There will be discussed such topics as: analysis tools, CMS management systems, how to make content for the networks, how to build links, analyze positions and many more. The meeting promises to be very interesting as Vladimir now holds the position of Head of Acquisition in Playtini. He is one of those professionals who know a lot, but don’t talk much about it. Therefore, such a meeting would be doubly valuable.

Meeting of Project Managers in Dnepr – “Flexible methodology in the service business”.

Be agile! Work smarter, require less – to give more – a motto of the modern world. We all live in a world where it is necessary to give more results and be as efficient as possible in order to keep the company in the lead.
Case studies from experts of Metinvest Holding, Interpipe Corporation and Metinvest Engineering are going to answer the question – how to involve clients into a project.
Speakers from IT companies will present some case studies on the application of agile in their projects.

GameDev Conference 2017 – the largest in the western Ukraine Game-conference.

When – 21st of January, 2017.
Where – Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv.
The conference will be held for the sixth time next year and will bring together about 500 participants and 50 speakers.
Traditionally, the conference will take place in five streams:
  • GameDev Business
  • GameDev Tech
  • GameDev Art
  • GameDev Indie
  • Workshops
The event is designed for anyone who is interested in gaming, development, promotion of investment attraction in the gaming sector. This year’s conference will bring together top speakers who will share their experience in this difficult but extremely exciting area. You will hear some tips of the developers who have real experience of victories and achievements. They’ll talk about the game mechanics, success stories and games on the development and marketing.