«Innovation Market» in Kyiv

Innovation may be defined as exploiting new ideas that leads to creating a new product, process or service. It is not just inventing a new idea which is important, but it actually “brings an idea to the market”, putting into practice and exploiting it in a manner that leads to some new products, services or systems that increase value or improve quality of products. This probably involves technological transformation and management restructuring. Innovation also means exploiting new technology and out-of-the-box thinking to generate new value, and bring about some significant changes in society.

Nowadays, different international forums are held to introduce new products or technologies to investors and consumers, so «Innovation Market» – that takes place in Kyiv – is a great occasion for Ukrainian innovators and all IT community.

«Innovation Market» is a meeting place for innovators, inventors, leading manufacturers of innovative technologies, authors of Startup-projects with representatives of companies – potential customers which are interested in technological upgrading of production processes, accelerators of investment projects, experts in various industries, consultants in the field of intellectual property protection, investors and authoritative representatives of financial institutions, the countries Ukraine, Poland, and China, with political leaders of Ukraine.

There are four blocks – conference, exhibition, startup alley, and workshop. The first one is dedicated to comprehensive coverage of science issues and suggestions about ways of their solutions – from help in finding grants, programs for implementing the decisions to initiate bills in aimed at finding some solutions for both scientific and technical issues. The exhibition should demonstrate to the Forum participants the potential of Ukrainian innovation market and prospects of its development. Scientific and technological development of the National Academy of Sciences, branch academies, universities, research institutes, inventors, and some works from different directions will be presented.

Startup will initiate raising funds for crowd-finding. All funds that will be gained from the visitors’ tickets will be directed to finance a startup-project. Visitors decide everything and choose a winner! No “Startup Battle” or judges. Everyone who has any innovative idea is supported here. The workshop “The practice of creating offices of intellectual property management”, which will be held by NAPrN Research Institute of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, Ukraine UkrISTEI MES, NGO “Ukrainian Council of Inventors and Innovators” on November 23. The participants will receive certificates of completing training courses.

What visitors can benefit from this Forum? It might help you:

  • To see firsthand the innovations of Ukrainian innovators and inventors.
  • To find some useful inventions for integration into your own production process.
  • To gain some interesting ideas and get a new flow of fresh thoughts.
  • To try on the role of investor and get inspired for your own business by presentations of Startup projects.
  • To find out at professional workshops and seminars how to turn ideas into a business.
  • To become familiar with international experience of working with grant programs.
  • To communicate with leading academics and industry experts.
  • To determine career prospects  for the future.

The event is aimed at combining the opportunities and needs of science and industry in Ukraine: presentation of scientific and technical development universities, NASU, branch of the National Academies of Science, establishing contacts with potential investors (investment funds of various kinds, financial and industrial groups), assistance in finding some programs of providing  grants , programs  for making the decisions on a roadmap.