How to Develop a Successful Application? Basic Tips

Today business world puts a great emphasis on good mobile applications as they can be, if done correctly, an important method of quick and effective communication with their customers. Too often businesses do not take into account all of the particular specifics of mobile platforms as related to their users; instead they just develop an application for the record. This is a huge mistake. There are some basic and simple tips of how to develop a better application and to achieve the results you want.

Get a smartphone

If you still do not have a smartphone – get one and use it. As stated in a saying “Eat your own dog food”. Download all of the popular applications, communicate in social networks, order food delivery, pay for purchases by phone etc. This is the best way for you to understand the mobile user’s needs. If you need an application for iPhone – get an iPhone, for iPad – get an iPad, for Android – so on… Every mobile platform is different.

Tryout your business idea with smartphones

Consider, whether your mobile app is needed among the owners of smartphones? Would you use it? What problem will your application help to resolve?

The statistics from your site will help you to assess the necessity of a mobile app for your business. Check in Google Analytics the numbers of the mobile audience on your website. What are the numbers? What pages do they visit? What devices do they use? Perhaps hundreds of potential customers would purchase your product or try your service using iPhone, but you don’t know about it.

Create a mobile version of your site

Take your time with the development of the application and begin with the mobile version of your site. It’s cheaper and easier to update, and it will work on all platforms. The mobile version of a site does not require as much effort on its promotion; the channels are the same as for the “big” site.

It’s possible that during the process of creating a mobile version of the site you’ll understand how your mobile app should look. You will meet with your local customers and see their needs.


Develop your mobile app

Professional teams of mobile developers are able to implement your plans into reality. Just remember your goals, desired interface and design.

Promote your app

After your application is created you have to inform your customers about it. Be sure to place a link to an app on your site, post about it in the social networks and prepare a press-release for specialized news media.  Allocate a budget for the promotional needs and experiment with different ad networks.

Estimate and analyze

Analyze the usage of your mobile app. What features are the most popular, which ones are not? Check feedbacks and reviews on the App Store and Google Play. All of these will tell you where to move.

The main thing – do not forget about your application after you have released it.


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