How to Create a Hot Messenger?

Telegram – this messaging app won the world in 2016. This is one of the most head-turning messaging applications today. This chat app is truly fast, secure and fail-safe.

In winter 2016, Telegram received 100 million of active users. Why is Telegram so hot?

And would you like to have the same success with your own project?  Let’s see how to do that.

How to create an app like Telegram

1. Security

One of the most essential Telegram’s features is its security. It comes as no surprise that this app is one of the leaders among other secure messengers. When developing, security was prioritized as well as speed. Or even little bit more.

If you want to build a chat app with high security level, you should determine what encryption protocol you’re going to use. Telegram uses its own encryption protocol.

All messages sent through Telegram are encrypted by a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.

But users should be careful with their private chats, keeping in their mind that Telegram doesn’t protect all of them with end-to-end encryption by default. To be sure that all your messages are protected, start using the Secret Chats.

One more useful feature in Secret Chats is self-destruct timer. What is it? This feature gives an ability to set a certain timer for deleting messages right after a recipient has read them.

If you’re obsessed with messages security, Secret chats are the best variant for you. Thus, sent messages leave no trace on Telegram’s servers and can’t be forwarded. And if you want to take a screen grab of such a chat, your partner will know about your action, having received a notification.

By the way, you have no opportunity to start a secret chat on your smartphone and then continue it on your PC.

2. API

Telegram shares their API and welcomes developers to use it for free in their own apps.

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3. Open Source code

Telegram’s code is absolutely open source. This point draw developers’ attention and provides them with a chance to become a part of the development process.

4. The most remarkable features

  • Cloud Storage

People who are used to switch between different devices (smartphone, tablet, and desktop) all the time will find this feature extremely handy. Cloud storage ensures that you can sync your messaging history across all of your devices. In general, web, desktop and mobile version of this app are really convenient.

  • Channels

Telegram channels have become a part of marketing and PR-strategy of many companies today. Why? These channels have more than 400 million views daily. Channels support different publishing features such as Links to Post, with the help of which you can share a certain message with people who prefer using other messengers; Mute Messages, when you get no notification (you can set this feature in every single chat); and Admin Signatures, which enable you to determine the post’s owner.

  • Chatbots

Telegram is one of the first messengers where you can use bot platform. Chatbots on Telegram can execute various tasks like reporting news and up to managing finances.

  • Instant View

Instant view allows users to post news links that are opened momentarily on a user’s device. Today Telegram’s instant view supports a really precious few of news sites, but it’s permanently developing.

If you’re still doubting why should you try to create your own messenger like Telegram, look here.

This is one of the best tools to put a word out about everything you want. Bloggers and SMM managers use it to promote their ideas and goods. Developers are inspired by the opportunity to get their products on a new platform. People nowadays prefer quick and bugless soft. If you have some new features, present it to the world and maybe your app will a big hit!