How to Choose an Online Course

We live in an increasingly technological world. Today, everybody strives to self-development, self-education, and self-realization. Thanks to the high level of technological development, nowadays we are able to use internet resources to achieve these goals. Lately, a lot of different online courses, which include various fields of education, were launched. And always it’s not so easy to make the right choice and to choose an online course you need. So we’d made some tips that may help you.

Firstly, if you are eager to take some courses, you need to decide what field of study you are interested in. All courses are divided into several groups according to the subjects, so it is easier to find exactly what you need. Today, the largest platforms are Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, and Prometheus. All of them offer online courses on different topics.

As for Coursera – there you will find more technological themes, such as IT science, Math & Logic, etc, but you can also take some language courses as well. If you are looking for various subjects from law to art, the best choice for you is edX. Prometheus includes three large blocks – Data analysis, Management and Civil education. It is a Ukrainian platform, where you can find lectures on actual issues  given by respectable professors from Ukrainian universities.

Secondly, after having chosen a course, you will have to schedule your week, as you will have a lot of tasks to do, such as listening to online lectures, reading some necessary materials and doing some tests. Also, on forums, you are able to discuss any questions with other students or professors, which is a great opportunity to widen your range of communication. What is more, using  Coursera or edX, for example, you will be involved in the educational process itself, as some tests should be checked not by computers, but by other students.

What positive influence can these courses  have? According to a survey conducted online among the course participants on the Coursera platform, the majority of respondents indicated a positive impact that online education brings, both at school and in a career. Researchers of Coursera, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington, made a report which analyzed the answers of about 52, 000 respondents. The survey results were published in the Harvard Business Review.

The survey showed that the vast majority of Coursera`s students after undergoing open online courses, reported on career development (72%), and on the progress in their studies (61%). The ability to get an education online has also confirmed its importance for students with low socio-economic status of people in developing countries, and those who have not earned a bachelor’s degree.

Among the students, who stated promotion to be their main motivation, 87% reported on career success, and for 33% of respondents benefits were expressed in a salary increase, promotion, moving to a new job or starting a new business.

Students who took courses to improve the quality of their education, reported on receiving educational benefits (88%), and some students after the course managed to get a loan for studying, or they managed to fulfill the conditions for obtaining an academic degree (18%).

As we can see, such platforms are effective and really can be helpful in promotion or realization of our goals. Education online is not just a fashionable trend of the internet, it is a natural process of education development. A multi-million army of students who take more and more sessions in the network each year, is an evidence of this. What is more, support of some influential world universities that create hundreds of online courses annually cannot be underestimated.