How to Be More Productive at Work: 5 Tips

Summer is a period when it’s difficult not to think about a vacation or holidays. And to motivate yourself as well. So sometimes you may need some additional inspiration and advice on how to be more productive at work (not only during summer). If you’re a team lead or just part of a team, you can check 5 tips on how to increase your productivity.

1. Add an MVP to your team.

Do you watch NBA? If no, then one more question – do you know who is Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? All of them are great basketball players and all of them used to be MVPs or in other words, the Most Valuable Players of the season. But no one of them would have won a championship or even a single game without supporting their team.

At the same time, great players have great influence on their team members. According to the survey “Productivity Spillovers in Team Production: Evidence from Professional Basketball”, the incredible power of one great team member can positively impact the productivity of the rest of the team. The opposite would also be true – a lazy player can decrease productivity of the whole team.

So who would you rather add to your team? Definitely an MVP.

2. Limit talks about politics or religion in the office.

There are some topics on which people can argue for hours without any conclusion. Politics and religion are definitely among such topics. People feel stressed when they talk on such topics. They have problems in getting work done after such talks.

Sometimes you can’t avoid such talks completely, considering the complicated situation in the Eastern part of Ukraine or the unbelievable choice of Americans after the last elections, but try to limit these topics in the office. And make sure that all discussions are done in a respectful manner.

Even if you support different political parties, you’re still on the same team in the office. So make sure to leave the politics outside.

3. Stand up!

Would an adjustable stand-up desk make you more productive? According to the research by Texas A&M University, the answer is yes. Employees of a call center with stand-capable workstations were 46% more productive than those ones with traditional work tables. The productivity was measured by the total number of successful phone calls per hour.

Besides that, standing desks are good for your health and back. And definitely healthy employees can be more productive. So it could be a good investment into both health and productivity.

4. Go green!

No, we’re not talking again about NBA and one of the teams – Boston Celtics (Go green is popular among Celtics fans). We’re talking about plants in the office.

According to the research by the University of Exeter, adding plants to the working place can increase productivity by 15%. The research showed that additional plants in the office increase job satisfaction, level of concentration and air quality.

5. Do multitasking if you’re only confident.

Multitasking is great but it doesn’t work for everyone. According to the research by the University of London, heavy multitaskers have more troubles organizing their thoughts and they are slower at switching from one task to another, comparing to those who like to do a single thing at a time.

Multitasking may lower your IQ and might be harmful for your brain. So be mindful of protecting your productivity.

So now you’re ready to be more productive at your work during summertime as you know what to do.