How the Language Choice Correlates with Age & Experience among Ukrainian Developers

Last week we made a post about popularity of programming languages in Ukraine in 2016. But is there any connection between the language choice and age or working experience of a developer? Let’s find out!

Firstly, we’d like to talk about the average age of a developer according to their choice of a coding language.


According to the graphics, Kotlin is quite popular among the young generation, as the average age of a developer using this language is 24. The average age of a developer using Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and Swift is 27. The coding languages with the eldest developers are PL/SQL, Perl, Pascal and 1C, as we could expect. The average users of the coding language R are getting younger, that could be possible because of the increased popularity of Data Science.

Experience of a developer according to their choice of a programming language.


Interesting fact according to this graphics: R is frequently used as the first programming language for the first IT job. We also could say that Scala and Go are coding languages for senior developers. It’s obvious that Perl, Pascal/Delphi and 1C are used by developers with the biggest working experience.

Also we can take a look at developers’ experience compared to the previous years.


According to the graphics, fewer people get to the IT industry, while at the same time we noticed the increased number of IT specialists with more than 10 years of working experience. The reason is that it’s still more profitable and advantageous to work in the IT area as a developer than to move to other industries or to occupy management positions.

The last but not the least figure is describing the first programming language of most developers.


The popularity of “dying languages” (e.g. Pascal or Basic) has decreased during the last few years, while we can notice the increased number of developers who used JavaScript as their first programming language.