How Quickly to Start Working after a Vacation?

The season of vacations is almost over. It’s time to get back to work.
If you had a great vacation then sometimes you’d better have one more vacation after it.
Is it easy for you to work effectively after you have just got back from a vacation?
Headhunter Ukraine” has organized a survey about wondering if it’s easy or not to get back to work after a vacation.

Only 13% can get back to work without a great effort. Meanwhile, for nearly a third of all interviewed what really matters is the situation in the office.
For 16% it is really hard to say good-bye to their vacation. They really need more time and to make considerable efforts to work as usual.
For men it’s easier to adapt to a working schedule than for women. The same is for people of middle ages comparing with younger people.

Only 18% can immediately be back to the office and turn on the working brain. As usual, most need some adaptation period. Only few respondents say that they need only a couple of hours for adaptation. Most need a couple of days or even a week.

So the big question is how quickly to start working after a vacation?
The main answers to this question are:
– Easy “adaptation” working schedule;
– New, interesting tasks;
– Communication with colleagues, the latest news from the office;
– Thoughts about salary and bonuses;
– Thoughts about lunch or the end of the day;
– Max loud with job tasks;
– Talks with company management.


Ukrainian white collars shared with “Headhunter Ukraine” their thoughts on how soon to start working after a vacation:
– Get back to office on Thursday or Friday, not on Monday;
– If you’re travelling then it’s better to get back 2-3 days before the vacation is over;
– One or two days to work at a calm pace;
– Create a plan for work tasks;
– Share with colleagues your impressions from your holidays.

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