How Can You Sell Your Ideas

Guys, do you often meet your coworkers who are totally upset, because according to their mind, the loudest voice is the one heard, and that’s just not right. Or probably you’re sure that managers are ignoring your brilliant ideas and it makes you feel dispirited?

Well, the first thing which you should keep in mind, is that you don’t need to be the loudest to be heard, you should know how to sell your ideas effectively. 


Look around, the reality is that you can be the most talented worker all over the world, you can have the most dazzling ideas, but it doesn’t actually work, if you are quiet, afraid of speaking up, and selling your ideas.

The fact is that people who are ready to share their thoughts, give reasonable feedback are much more valuable.


Because they actually make things happen.

Surely, those suggestions might be far from the best ones, and the shy developer who is humbly sitting in the corner might have better ones, but the fact is that there is no one to turn his awesome ideas into reality, except himself. And that’s the reason he’s working for 5 years at the same position.

Why Should You Know How to Sell Ideas?sell your idea, Softheme

The first reason might be already clear for you – selling ideas makes you more effective and more valuable to your team and company, moreover, becoming more decisive is the right move for you.

If you’re waiting for the right moment to speak up, expecting that somebody will ask for a piece of your advice directly, you are likely to turn gray and grow old, unless you are known for having sold your ideas in the past.

If you’re going to get a promotion, you need to be seen as a person who has good ideas and takes an action. Otherwise, you’ll need to do what those “smarty pants” have said. 

Selling your ideas efficiently is not as difficult as you might think.

There are a few simple rules and techniques anyone can use to be more effective at pitching.

Don’t Argue

The core rule of selling your ideas is not to start an argument.

Remember, when you are arguing, you are never convincing anyone of anything. You can’t stuff ideas down people’s throats, even if those ideas are really worth implementing.

Contradicting someone is the easiest way to get into argument.

What is better? Well, you need to..

Persuasion, Softheme

Be Persuasive

You can find a lot of ways to be persuasive, there are plenty of books and strategies on being persuasive. But don’t muddle up persuasion and manipulation, these are two different things.

One of the simplest ways to be persuasive is to simply try and find some common ground. Try to focus on commonalities and how what you’re saying aligns with what they are proposing.

You also can feel free to reframe some ideas.

You know, the same idea can be presented in a totally different light. And it will sound differently. Framing makes all the difference. Think about your audience first, as the frame has to fit the audience.

Communicate Clearly

You definitely should be a good communicator to sell your ideas effectively. How to become a good communicator? Improve your communication skills, both written and verbal.

The point is that the more clearly you can express your ideas, the more likely people will be to fall for them. What is important – keep to the point, and use examples which your audience can easily catch and relate with. Your idea must be unambiguous.

So, make sure that you are clear in what you are speaking about, and work on your communication skills to be able to present your ideas as effectively as possible.

Borrow Authorityborrow authority, Softheme

There’s one strategy which we can often find in day-to-day life – borrowing  someone else’s authority to sell ideas. Sometimes it’s rather difficult to make people fall for something due to many factors. For example, you can be too young, too callow, unskilled or something else.

Instead of relying on your nonexistent authority or experience, borrow someone else’s.

Try referring to a book you read, or saying, “It’s not my idea, it’s <insert famous author here>’s idea.”

If there’s someone who has a large amount of credibility, it’s difficult to say that the idea is stupid even if you don’t agree.

It Takes Practice

And of course, keep trying. Like anything, it’s going to take practice to get good at it. Practice these strategies and don’t be afraid to share your ideas and speak up.

And finally you’ll do that.