Habits You Get by Reading Books

We live only one life, but with books we can gain knowledge and wisdom from thousands lives. Like in any method, if we read books without any guidelines, they may lead nowhere and we can just waste our time without getting any results.

And to the contrary, books bring so much value when we learn how to choose and analyze them, as well as discuss them with others.

So let’s find out what unusual habits books may help you cultivate.

1. Books are the best nootropics.

It’s a well known fact, that books are the best “smart drugs” for the brain. Regular reading upgrades your mind, leaving you some lifetime benefits, and if you get hooked on some nootropic like reading books, the positive side effect you’ll get is only benefits multiplied by times.

2. Reading books improves your mental operating system.

The best books are usually written when an author is in the flow state. An author conveys their wisdom and knowledge into a book, and then when a reader searches for wisdom through the lines of words, thus getting into their own flow state, then the real magic happens.

With each book having been read, your mind always gets to a higher level. Programming your mind for entering the flow state of a wise writer is a powerful thing indeed. When you’re upgrading your mental operating system, your main “apps” (speaking, writing, communication, and thinking skills) get upgraded as well starting to run faster.

3. Reading allows you to practice the art of communing with your thoughts.

Eric Hoffer, an American moral and social philosopher, said once “A man by himself is in bad company”. And that’s true, but we can change this. We should work hard to become a good company for ourselves when we are alone, and we can achieve this by reading books. When we’re reading, we train and program our brain to become a good company to ourselves. This is a truthful quote of our time: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone” by Blaise Pascal.

4. Reading books may inspire you to grow your experience.

A human can get oversaturated with almost anything in this world, but at least reading doesn’t harm. Thirst for wisdom and knowledge is the only desire we can satisfy, yet staying a bit hungry for more. After reading for many hours, we get numerous insights and motivation for exploring the world.

Having watched an entire season of TV episodes on Netflix or Amazon sometimes may lead you to hangover the next day, but diving into a book trains your brain’s activity and imagination. There is anything bad in too much reading but if you go too far with watching TV, what benefits will you get?

5. Reading empowers the meditation practice.

The more we read, the more we practice meditation and mindfulness. It’s an excellent practice to listen to some wise thoughts of writers. Reading teaches us to be patient and calm, and increases our ability to focus on a single thing at a time.