Guide for Junior Developers – How to Start Your Career

Many graduates and young specialists decide to join the IT community and become Junior Developers. There are numerous reasons for that in Ukraine, such as a salary growth, good working conditions, business trips to Europe and US, free trainings and certifications, etc.

So if you’re just starting your IT career, then you may need some tips on how to start your path and what direction to move. We’ve collected some tips for Junior Developers that may help you with this challenge.

Tip 1: Find your first working place.

It’s better to choose your first job in an IT company with a well-operated office, rather than a startup project that rents some premises sharing them with someone else. While working in the office, you can learn a lot. Most of your colleagues would be pleased to help you and share some professional life hacks. Also, most IT companies have training centers for their employees, and provide free language courses. Experience, that you can get in the office, could be priceless.

For example, Softheme organizes numerous lectures for its employees on a regular basis, and has its own educational school – Shkola 1010, where free English and Polish lessons are given during working hours. The school also provides free business and professional literature and other benefits for Junior Developers.

By the way, you can check a list of open vacancies in Softheme here –
Right now, there is a vacancy for a Junior Tester. Check the details here.

Tip 2: Write code every single minute when you have some free time

Don’t become limited by the frame of a project you’re working on – learn some new technologies, new programming languages, new frameworks. Try something new in open source projects, read tech news and articles. The exploring process on how different solutions are implemented, will show you best existing practices in IT architecture and software development.

Tip 3: Learn programming patterns.

A programming pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software development that was proven by many developers. Patterns can help you not only to effectively solve a particular problem, but also to understand what solutions exist, what direction you should move in dealing with one or another task. You’ll be able to find some answers to questions that worry you.

Tip 4: Learn a code.

It’s better to learn a code from all the library, not only from its documentation. The code itself can better explain how a function works, how it operates with different types of data. It’s important to completely understand what you’re working on including the tiniest details. Don’t get frustrated, all the documentation is written by people, so sometimes the documentation logic may not be easy to understand.

Tip 5: Read articles recursively.

Open the first article on a topic that you’re interested in and read it. Once you see an unknown word or definition, google another article that explains this unknown word or definition, and put the first article in bookmarks. When in the second article you see something unfamiliar, put it in the same bookmark and google for the next article and so on. After some time, when you read a dozen articles, you will return to the original one in your bookmarks and read it with a full understanding of the topic.