Good English Means 70% Higher Salary in Ukraine

English knowledge has the same importance for the IT specialists as their programming skills and tech knowledge. And most Ukrainian developers understand this. According to a survey, organized by the Ukrainian recruitment website, well-paid employees, who work as developers, top managers and auditors, also have the best English-knowledge skills. Check our blog post to find out how this knowledge affects the salaries.

As we’ve already talked in our blog post about a typical Ukrainian developer in 2016, 80% of Ukrainian IT specialists know English at Intermediate or upper levels. Most top managers, business analysts, and project managers have an advanced level of English knowledge, while most developers, QA specialists, and system administrators know English at an intermediate level.

It is important to mention, as a whole, that only 8% of all Ukrainian employees know at least one foreign language.

Top 10 jobs in Ukraine with best English knowledge (Jan-May 2016)


A good level of English allows an applicant to get from 9% to 20% more job propositions, depending on the professional area and region. And the better you know English, the more propositions you can get. Advanced English expands the list of job propositions by 5-17% more.

And as the better you know English, as the higher salary you can expect to get. The level of average salaries for an employee who doesn’t speak a foreign language and for an employee who has a good English level varies by almost twice as much, from 6 400 UAN to 12 200 UAH. Employers can stand ready to increase their salary by 68% from just an improved knowledge of a foreign language.

Foreign Language Requirements

Proposed salary

Average salary

None required at all

6 401 UAH

Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate

7 492 UAH

Upper Intermediate and Pre-Advanced

10 732 UAH

Advanced and Fluent

12 209 UAH


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