Fortune Named 10 Technologies That Will Change the World

Fortune has created a list of 10 transformation technologies that have the potential to change the way of that we live today. The list includes some software and chips, gadgets and services for e.g. Google Glass, Facebook Home, iPad, and others. These are the technologies that have been invented by companies from the Fortune 500 (a list of 500 largest companies of the US).

So the list of the most perspective technologies by Fortune, include:

Google Glass – innovative glasses by Google that gives users an opportunity to combine physical and augmented (virtual) reality. Probably this is one of the most discussed gadgets of our day. Last summer we wrote that Google Glass are going to be available “in a broad consumer offering” in 2014, but some of the glasses are already available for some developers and testers. The feedback of those using the glasses say that this is our next big thing;


Facebook Home – in March Facebook and HTC presented smartphone First, this is operational on Android and it uses graphics by Facebook Home. It’s integrated with Android and gives you an opportunity to send messages to your friends without a special app. During the first 10 days it was downloaded more than 500K times;


Boeing 787 Dreamer – is the most innovative airplane of our day;

ebay-nowService eBay Now – right now this service of same day delivery (actually within an hour after placing an order) is available only in 3 US cities. But John Donahoe (CEO of eBay) is going to expand it. The service was launched in August, 2012;


Amazon Web Services – lots of IT specialists thought that it was a strange decision for a company that has the leading position on the online retail market to provide hosting services. But this was in 2006. Nowadays, lots of companies (i.e. NASA, Pinterest, Netflix) are thankful to Jeff Bezos for a such decision;


App Starbucks for iPhone – this app shows how easy it is to order and to pay for smth using a smartphone;


Apple iPad – this tablet has changed the world of computers. The market of PCs is constantly going down, 14% over the last quarter;


Nike+ – innovative app, that gives the user an opportunity to measure their workout data and to display it on the screen of their gadget;


4G mobile network by AT&T – fourth generation of mobile communication technologies;


Qualcomm – popular chip for smartphones. The company was one of the first to present a chip that works with 4G mobile networks.

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