What You Need to Do to Find the Best Mobile and Web Developer

Finding and hiring a developer could be one of the most crucial decisions for your business, no matter it’s a startup or a new project at a well-known company; and if you can’t tell the difference between HTML and PHP, the decision will be one of the trickiest too. Without great tech knowledge, how do you know what kind of developer to search for? How can you find someone who’s going to do the job right and how you want it? Here are some tips of how to find the impeccable web or mobile developer for your company.

Competition among quality developers is really high. There are basic things you can do to stay organized for finding a great developer without over-thinking the entire hiring process, without spending a great sum of money while getting excellent return on your investment.

Clearly define your goals

You have to figure out what you really need. First two questions to answer:

1. What do you need your website or application to do?

Having a site or a working application doesn’t really require hiring a developer. Are you simply publishing and updating the info about your company, or you’re having some special functions on the site or application? If it needs to interact with your users, it’s a good idea to find to a developer.

2. What are you trying to build?

Is your big idea a mobile app or a web site? If it’s not web, then you really need to find someone with mobile experience. Otherwise, you’ll be paying to web developer to learn mobile programming. Having someone with the depth of experience is very important.

Get a list of measures before talking to a developer

It really helps to have a list of skills and experiences that you need to get from the developer. With the help of such criteria you can create a shortlist of best candidates. The common qualities that you can check can be: educational qualifications, professional qualifications, professional experience, list of competencies, certifications, etc.

Always conduct a technical interview

It’s impossible to get a good developer based just on a resume. A technical interview is critical to find a good worker. Find a tech friend who’s willing to review your candidates and check them from a tech side of their skills and knowledge.

Don’t just hire the first promising candidate. Once you have found someone you believe to be qualified, make sure that there are no better candidates than this one.

Choose a developer or an outsourcing company that can prove of being dynamic

The tech world is changing too fast. Some things can go out of date before you realize you’re using old technologies. So, a good developer should stay on top of the latest tendencies of the modern tech world and be ready for quick changes when it is needed. Make sure that the developer is not afraid of changes. Remember that changes are the key to progress.

Ask for sample code or to complete a simple task

Before making the final decision and starting the whole project, go to a testing task. You can give the developer a small task that is complicated enough to check out his/her skills and way of working, but at the same time is simple enough to be completed in a short period of time.

Hire the person only if the code or the quality of completed task is good and you’re satisfied with the time used and the way of working on the task.


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