CV of People who have Changed this World

Everyone begins their road into the IT world with a CV. IT can be really creative or it can be created as a single site or it can contain only one sentence or it could be in the form of infographics and so on. There are no limits when we’re talking about the IT world. The main points to stress are who you are and what you can do.

Below you can check-out some great examples of CV. You might ask – Why are they great? And I would answer – Because these guys have changed the World and not only the IT World.

Sergey Brin

Sergei Brin – Co-founder of Google, Internet entrepreneur, Director of Special Projects, Google, Head of Project Glass, Computer Scientist.




Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs – Co-founder and former CEO of Apple, NeXT, Pixar; American entrepreneur, marketer and inventor. BTW, today Steve would have turned 59 years old.


Bill Gates

Bill Gates – Co-founder, former CEO and chairman of Microsoft, American business magnate, investor, inventor and philanthropist.


This CV was created by Bull Gates when he was 18. In 1974 Gates studied on the first course at Harvard University and was ready to move for the desired salary of $15,000 for a job as an System Analyst or System Programmer. Today this amount is equal to $ 68 880 (inflation included).

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